How to Set Up Google Ads Checklist - Google Ads

Final step - start running your ads

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: So in this video let's go over how to finalize your entire ad setup and finally start running ads fantastic right that's the moment we've been waiting for so again let's go through the three little dots here then you go to account linking and then you'll get taken to the screen and you have this thing create a shopping campaign then you give it campaign my first campaign that's your name and you set a budget two dollars a day and then we say create and country of course you want to say country United States for me I don't know what it's gonna be for you and just make sure that the country is the same as you posted earlier when you were setting up your account and then you say create your shopping campaign has been created you and manage your AdWords campaign that's it that's all you do dismiss and so you're good you should start seeing your ads run within 24 hours or so maybe earlier just check in on them by literally searching for the keywords that you chose for your book and the main keywords in your title of course don't click on your ads because that's gonna cost you sure probably Google is smart enough not to charge you for that but don't don't don't test them definitely just check if your ads are there so that's it now you've got your ads set up for all the products in your product feed and they're gonna run you know for the whatever budget you set per day and when the budget runs out it won't run and then they renew the next day so so far that's it congratulations you are running your first Google shopping merchant words campaign.

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