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Optimizing the description field in your product feed

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about the next very important field in your product data feed and which is your description column and description column is right here and I'll walk you through right from the Google guidelines on how to write that field so again you see this is right from the Google page right here their support and it's the description area now the first thing we see is that it's up to 5,000 characters is what you're allowed in that field and you don't have to use up all those characters but at least a thousand or 2,000 characters is good what they do recommend is that in their best practices is the new in the first about 500 characters or so make sure that you explain all that's really important about your product and list all these attributes of course. If they apply it to your products if they don't apply your products don't don't bend over backwards to fit it in there no problem but just make sure that you apply that you explain what's really important about your product they have a lot of also additional guidelines I'll let you read it on your own because it's quite a bit to go through in this quick video I'll also suggest you a couple of things not to do don't use caps don't put links right in here don't be overly promotional with your product just explain it don't try to you know any kind of gray head gray air you know grey hat techniques I'd recommend don't do them because it's really easy for Google to catch this right here and there's another there's also examples and we're gonna go through a couple the first is a book it's you know a book by Eric Schmidt about Google and you can see that you know how basically how he grew out his and you can see the hardware store software Google chromecast how chromecast rode their example and different kinds of product so you basically see some examples this is what you should do for your description these and follow these guidelines another thing I'd like to point your attention to is on the right side right here look at the look at all the items you Brow's and these are all the things you can put into your products feed and these are all the good practices that you can add in here so if you have a question about a certain field and you don't want me making many many videos about boring videos about every field here's the information that you need on the right side for each thing you don't know what to write about your brand you scroll down right here and here's this link will explain to you what to write in a brand column you don't know how to do you know the pricing okay the explains had the pricing you see what you see how it works so every from now on every time you you have you're confused or you want to optimize it a little bit more this is your reference essentially for how to do good for good practices for all the possible attributes in your products feed listing.

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