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Installing Facebook pixel

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: Now I'm going to show you how to set up Facebook pixel and you need this if you're going to be able if you're gonna want to track and you wanna track your conversions and it's going to allow you to use some of the options in this third column here right like increase conversions of your website or claim your offer so when you are gonna spend money to generate sales you want to know like are you spending more than you're earning or less because if you're spending $1 on ads but making 2 in return that's very profitable and you can boost that infinitely but if you are making spending $1 and making $0.50 then you got to figure something out right and you only know that you only know that if you have you know you you can approximate it otherwise but you only know that if you use conversion tracking so to use this we're gonna go ahead and choose one of these items on the right side I already have a pixel set up and you will see that because this is the area where you you know where you connect with your pixels so I already have pixels set up the way you can tell if your pixels are set up is if you go to custom conversions actually you know it's gonna be whatever that option whatever the option there is I just happen to be a custom conversion and you click on custom conversions and that's how you see all of your acts all of your pixels. Okay when you can see that my pixel is active if you want to make a new pixel what you do is you say define a new custom conversion and so I'm gonna enter a website for example go through that and so it created that and then if I use that and you can get the email called the the the pixel called email to you so here's I'm gonna get this email to me and by the way just to clear up confusion it is gonna email it to you but because you can email this here if you want to email somebody else but because we were just using it for our purposes what ends up happening is we need to put this code that it gives us and we can track additional things and it tells us what they are here write this below we can track but for now this is the basic pixel and what you have to do is on the webpage which you are editing which the web page which you are tracking you want and this is the HTML part of it right you see that I already have pasted this in my page and what you want to paste it is between the beginning head tag and the ending at text so I put it right above my ending head that and I cut and I pasted it and saved it so I already have it here and and this is just in the HTML of the page that you wanna track now now Facebook is gonna and what you have to do is save that page and go to that page literally on your browser and refresh it and give it maybe like I think 30 minutes or so and that pixel should should become verified and in your ad manager area in your custom conversions at first it's gonna be at first it's gonna have that little red symbol but after maybe 30 minutes or something it's gonna have that little green symbol and what's gonna happen is you're gonna be able to start to use it like you're gonna be able to choose it here and it's gonna be an available pixel for you to choose and you're gonna be able to track everything that happens on your Paige from now on.

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