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How To Get Google To Instantly Index Your New Website

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: Now that you understand the difference between crawlers and Googlebot and crawling and indexing and ranking if you have a page and you're not sure what's happening why is a page not showing up in search results where is it in Google's process you can use URL inspection here and I'll make it a little bigger there's a tab here link URL inspection if you click on it you can actually put any URL on your page I'll put for example this one some random one it doesn't matter what it is for me it tells you everything you need to know about that page it's on Google its crawled you can request indexing if it says in your case not crawled or not indexed if it's not crawled that means you're not linking to it then the solution to that is link to it somewhere from your site recreate your sitemap resubmit the sitemap here using this link here and then give it a day or two and see is it gonna be crawled and indexed if it's not then even today you can say request indexing see this link here and by the way this particular Google Webmaster tool always changes in its design but over the years the usability hasn't changed so design changes but they use the reasons you would use this for they haven't changed so when you open this if yours does not look exactly like mine that's common because they change the design of this often the design is not important the important is that you know that you can do the URL expect inspection and you can request indexing of a specific page if Google has an indexed it you can request the indexing it so that they're aware of it and it's gonna help them rank it faster and you can submit URLs here as well when you have new URLs that's the use of this and this is the area where you would troubleshoot why is my page not ranking well here you'll know where it is in Google's process.

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