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Reaching out to people to leave bad reviews

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm gonna show you how to remove some of the bad reviews that you get after you already get them so this is my book for example and I'll just click on some of the reviews and you'll see that for example if I click on a random review person you can see their profile in many people's reviews profiles you don't really get a lot of information about them now if they have a unique name in case in this case probably there is like 20 times apps in the world it's not a unique name enough you can't contact them you can look on Facebook you can look on LinkedIn those are popular places to look and you literally search for this name this name is not unique enough it's probably gonna be a lot of you don't know who it is there's no picture nothing so you can't reach them but if let's say they are on LinkedIn let's say they have a very unique name and you can you found them on LinkedIn then guess what you can reach out to them and start a conversation sometimes you can offer extra explanations you can ask them why what their frustrations with your product was if they left a bad review if they left have a good review don't don't do that so if they left a bad review you can get in the conversation with them and at some point you know you can ask them to either improve the review or remove it or something like that by reaching out to them now sometimes what you'll see if I'm gonna press back on this browser what some profiles have are like more contact information for example this profile has a picture and this person put care into filling out their profile and you can see if you click more there's their websites their twitter and you can even send them an email and you can go to their website so they've actually provide ways for you to reach them and you should message them on a few of these like use one wait a day or two if they don't reply maybe they didn't see it you then use a different one wait are they or two if they didn't reply they didn't see it so use all of these event until they reply and then you can engage them in conversation and once you're in conversation you can quell their concerns address things they are not happy about give them value more products more help so that will you reverse them and that they are happy and then when they are happy then you can ask them to improve their review and boom you've just reversed your bad review into a good review.

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