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Different ways to get products to sell and their implications

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: With this video let's begin talking about the importance of reviews for your Amazon ranking and it's important on Amazon for books and but also for any other product let's explore some of the rankings so if I search for entrepreneur books which is a random thing I just chose the first we see this is an ad so we're gonna we're gonna skip the very first result because that's an ad you see right away afterwards now the books that come up are either extremely highly highly rated or have a lot of reviews or both so we can take a look at this one is 4.7 rated this one is 4.7 now the next one is also 4.7 and the next one is 4.4 I would venture to guess that well not usually the way this works and usually because there's additional factors but the core factors for ranking are the quality of the reviews you see how the first ones are 4.7 4.7 and then there's a little bit of a drop-off and 4.4 in a little bit of a drop-off in 4.4 and you see that this one is 1300 reviews so why is it 1300 reviews below the other ones it's because it may be a little bit less relevant in the keywords that are used so sometimes the keywords in the description in the hidden keywords field that can be any impactful as well so relevance of course matters too in the search results but you can see that the number of reviews and the quality of the overall quality of the reviews matter too for example if this book dropped off to 4.6 or 4.5 it looked tumbled down in the rankings and you can see a lot of the books that have just they just have a lot of good reviews and a lot of reviews overall okay now you see the 4.4 and then you see the 4.8 but they don't have that many reviews 551 reviews and this book had 76 and also sometimes the 51 reviews look I mean it's too good to be true probably Amazon thinks these are fake so maybe they didn't don't count a lot of the reviews in their overall algorithm because you look I mean 4.8 is you know it's it's it's a it's an overall rating that probably that person just got a lot of their friends and family to review which is just fine but it's not the most realist ratings and then you go back to other books that have a lot of reviews and and a high number of the rated right and again 4.9 you can see that you know there's some manipulation here because there's no way that's 4.9 right so that that's kind of a tell that hey maybe Amazon is seeing that there's some manipulation and ranking this book a little lower. I can also walk you through one of my case study books which is right here and I'll show you an interesting nuance so I have this book it's a 4.6 rated out of 128 reviews so for this niche the business planning niche that the search was business plan it's the best the top book and the first two results are sponsored their ads this stuff this is an ad this is an ad so we're starting right here and you can see that the other books have lower reviews less reviews or overall lower so you know again same pattern you see here now this book then they have a lot of reviews but it's less and it's from 2011 so their reviews are more spread out so the the acceleration of reviews also matters so the faster you get them the more you get them the better as well now here's an interesting thing I searched for business plan but look at this big book that comes up it's a marketing plan book interesting correct so this is a popular book very highly rated and this book is strong in Amazon. I'll show you what I mean by that as well because look if I show you their seller rating they are ranked almost 1500 in all over all in Kindle Store that is actually really really impressive they're selling a lot a lot of sales on this book what that means is that this book is kind of gaining strength and authority inside Amazon ranking and even though they're a different topic they're a marketing plan book they're not a business plan book but even so because their marketing plan book even even despite that they're not relevant because they're so authoritative they begin to rank a lot higher for non relevant searches what that means is by being that strong on Amazon these this book is coming up for a lot of different kinds of searches that then it's not even supposed to so it's reaching beyond its capability and so this is a model an example of how amazing reviews can really make your book go far far higher in Amazon if you can just successfully manipulate it and when I say manipulated I don't mean in any kind of spammy way I just mean in some smart intelligent business ways you know just being a good business person so then of course because this book is appearing in so many searches it's getting even more sales getting more reviews and is growing and growing and growing inside Amazon and becoming really dominant and Amazon and probably this book is making maybe close to ten thousand dollars a month I would guess I would just guess that but I you can't tell but by this I'm guessing by their seller rank and in a couple of other factors but for one book that's really impressive so that's the tremendous difference that reviews make okay it can make the difference of making next to nothing to ten thousand dollars or more with just one product with just with the reviews so you see how many mentally important the reviews are here on Amazon and so with that in the next videos I'm gonna explain how to get more reviews in intelligent ways.

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