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Voice search SEO

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's cover something really exciting in the SEO industry and this is voice search voice SEO this is something that is really rapidly growing there are industry projections that voice search will be about 50% of total search by 2020 I find that really hard to believe personally but this is what many people in the industry project so what is let's let's talk about what is voice search and how to take advantage of it for your business because this is something you really have to jump on now so the so that when this paradigm really explodes you'll be on on top of the game and you'll be leading the way and getting the traffic instead of lagging and because we love strategies that are forward-looking strategies so that we can jump on them sooner rather than competing on backward-looking strategies on which are competitive and are usually less effective they're losing effectiveness so there are two kinds of devices. You have to be aware of the first kind is very apparent it's your smartphone this everybody has them the second kind is voice first voice only meaning the devices that you usually have sitting around in your home listening to you which is a weird concept in itself but okay so these are concepts these are like smart home devices where you can say hey Google turn on the lights hey hey Alexa turn on the light or hey like sir my vase just broke can you buy me a new one something like that and those are the kinds of searches that people are doing on these kinds of devices so what does that mean for you in terms of SEO this gives you a new dimension to your keyword research it doesn't it replace your keyword research because type search is also still growing it's it's only that voice search is growing at an amazingly higher rate but type search is still huge so you're not abandoning the previous SEO keywords research that you've done but you're adding to it and you're adding naturally spoken look queries for example let's say your phone broke your iPhone bro and on a type search he would search for phone repair phone repairman in Boston if you live in Boston or whatever your city name is but on a natural speaking search when you're literally talking to into the device you would say we're in Boston can I get my iPhone fixed and I broke my screen something like that you see so it's naturally spoken phrases and because it's through local you because it's through your phones that the searches are often made Google classified as these searches as local queries which means that it gives you certain um certain types of results including the google map and shows you local businesses so this is a deal for if you if your business is in either of these categories if it's a local business store dentist whatever as long as your surf clients walk away or if it's an e-commerce business because then you can you know sell products those are the two types of businesses that can take advantage of what voice search the best and it really starts taking advantage of this strategy starts with refining your content strategy because now your job is to target more longer style queries would longer form content and it's also giving rise back to the FAQ page and basically the FAQ page is a place where you can put a lot of very naturally spoken looking questions and give them a lot of answers so this is - it impacts for your content strategy is impacted in two ways you can create an FAQ page or you can start you know if you have it if you weren't sure like should i blog well now the reason for blog is to start with every post target one or two or a few longer to tail queries that's the point of that's another reason to blog now. If you had not been doing that before so let me show you how the FAQ page how your FAQ page might impact something called the answer box and if you're not familiar with the answer box I'll show you right now here is a very random search that I made how many types of roses are it's a simple enough search that Google can pull out the answer right away hundred and fifty and you can see that this is the answer box because it's in this little box here outlined and you can see that if I want to know more I can certainly go to the page where the answer is and read more so if you are trying to get traffic the answer box is fantastic because look it's the very very very very first item that appears below it is another amazing thing look this is a fake you and they think you never ends because look I was browsing this before and look at the calc works when you click one Google pulls you pulls more yeah they pull more questions it's almost endless yeah and it starts going in different things I started with you know how many roses are there but now it's like how do I fix that spots in my lawn totally different so if you're in gardening oh my god like you know obviously this queries in gardening but if you're in gardening space this gives you so much opportunities to add more types of unusual types of questions that people might ask and then get traffic this way and again this is at the very top of search results because the rest of the search was all just appeared below here you see so you would reading ahead of all these gigantic websites like Korra or FTD that time or all these other guys so this is a fantastic strategy to not only take advantage of voice SEO which is a tidal wave that's it that's happening now but also this super like sneaky way to get into the top search of search results but with the answer box.

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