Google AdWords Retargeting Section Introduction

Google AdWords retargeting section introduction

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: In this part of the course we're going to talk about Google AdWords remarketing what's remarketing it's a way to get people back when they've already visited your site but forgot it but left and forgot about you it's a way to remind them and bring them back and they tend to be some of the most highly converting kind of traffic because they've already shown interested in what you do because they've already visited your site and so it becomes cheaper to promote to them and they become more highly converting it's e what I would say in advance and professional strategy to do ads because most people when they start out they want to get out they want to do advertising to bring in fresh traffic but the retargeting traffic is actually more effective it's more highly converting so in this section what we're gonna cover is how to set up your remarketing pages how to a how to set your pixels and Google tags and all that stuff and then how to set up your campaigns to retarget people and bring them back to the right pages so let's start.

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