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Finalizing The Retargeting Ad So That It Starts Running

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: Now that you have your ad targeting set up let me show you how to complete the app you go to campaigns and then you click on campaign and then what you want to choose is the Display Network only and that will be clear soon now you give the campaign name in this case I'm gonna make a campaign I'm gonna retire the people to go to probably neo which is my homepage problem you know home the retargeting and then here it doesn't particularly matter because for me I'm just trying to get people back but let's say I'm trying to get them to take action on my website after you choose your marketing objective I like to choose the countries that I want to target for me it's the United States United Kingdom Australia and Canada in my case because they are largely english-speaking countries and then you want to set your budget per day I think I'm gonna go with 2 dollars per day and I'm going to say save and continue the maximum bid let's say 25 cents and the landing page that I want people to go to is the home page the time now choosing how to target your ads obviously we are doing remarketing so we're gonna do remarketing and here is the thing select a category and we're going to choose remarketing lists and in the remarketing list we're gonna get people back people who already visited so problem you come visitors. I want these guys I chose them and then I'm saying save and continue' and this is where you get to make the display ad now here's the two things you see on the right side you can have the ad be like this and you can tell what people are what people might what you you can tell it you can XYZ right so you can see how the ad will change depending on what you write and you can create your own ad based here based on this text that they give you or this is if you don't have a good image you can just have this ad and it will go everywhere see here's the thing everywhere these people who visited your site will go on any page online except for Facebook or something like that every almost every page that has Google AdWords sorry that has Google Ads displaying your your ad will follow them around but in my case I wanted to do something with like a image app because the image ad is has this power to be visual and be visually recognizable so what I did is there I created an image that I'm going to use and this image you might see it here it has my it has the same image that I have on my website you can take a look so what I did is kind of consistent you see that it's very consistent and because of that if people are gonna sort of remember and here I have problem ucomm books and online courses for entrepreneurs and I'm gonna problem you know on page ad and I'm going to say save and then I'm gonna say go to my campaign and I'm set so I've said this it's gonna go through the AdWords processing they're gonna approve it shortly hopefully and that's it that's pretty much how you set the campaign so now whenever from now on whenever somebody visits my site and leaves I'm gonna have my ad trail them for 30 days all over the internet and retarget them and hopefully get them back to my website.

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