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Where you can use your videos: YouTube, your website, social media, forums

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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's chat a little bit about where your video will be promoted or can be promoted this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy because video is actually one of the most flexible formats obviously you're going to be on YouTube right that's YouTube's a juggernaut that's the way to get exposure for video no question about it but also there's a ton of other places videos often show up in Google search it's often a very good way to get found by people searching from Google not just YouTube you can also embed your YouTube videos in your blog post your website anywhere on your website right anywhere where you don't want people to read but you want them to easily be able to consume information you can embed videos right there you can also share your video on all sorts of social media Facebook Twitter or and all kinds of other social networks that follow additionally you'll also be able to post you know your videos in industry forums where people are discussing the kinds of things that you were discussing in the videos you can even take the audio from the podcast and as long as there's not too much action as long as it's just talking you can take the audio and turn it into a podcast to give yourself an extra promotion on podcasts and also you can even guess what you know you're watching this on the udemy and you can even make unique courses out of your videos if it makes sense because you a unique person video is minimum only 30 minutes so it doesn't really require a lot of video today of course as long as you're you're giving a pretty comprehensive topic coverage or maybe you can narrow down the topic so that you will make comprehensive topic coverage with not so much video content anyway so these are the places where you should you think about promoting I mean of course you're going to be thinking about promoting on YouTube but look there's all these other ways that video can be promoted and I'm sure that there are some that I I'm not even thinking about but it's a very very flexible format another thing you can do by the way what some people do successfully is they get their videos transcribed again if you don't have a lot of action happening in the video you can get it transcribed pretty cheaply and make a blog post out of it so if you don't write you can get the video transcribed have a lot of text on your blog and do some SEO on your blog and your website that way so anyway you see there's a lot of things you can do with video anyway so that's just something to think about as you're making the video as you're creating the strategy to keep in mind of how to get your video the most exposure possible.

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