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Advertising: Paying for video ads and targeting a specific audience

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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: I want to walk you through how to do Google AdWords okay Google AdWords for YouTube so to promote your videos this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy so I'm gonna just go to Google and I'm gonna search for Google AdWords basically I'm gonna find Google AdWords very simple it uses your Google login so I'm just gonna say sign in it goes there it's loading blah blah blah just wait for this to load a little bit kind of skip all this you know this is if you look at your first campaign is you kind of skip all this maybe we do a first campaign and then what we want to do is video campaign once you have multiple once you have a campaign set up you're gonna have a slightly different interface but it's basically going to be all kind of like this online campaigns video campaigns right and you're gonna be able to click there and say we're gonna say test campaign so just a test of a budget it doesn't matter you know whatever we're gonna put an arbitrary number of course because we're not really doing this what we're after is I want to show you on the next page that targeting okay I want to show you that and so I'm just gonna basically say okay YouTube search YouTube use yeah all countries and again for your unique business whatever you're promoting you know I don't know so it doesn't you know I can't give a specific example I'm just gonna paste the video here that I made recently I'm also gonna give it a URL put it here so that it's all good and you kind of you know I you also want to have a good thumbnail so you can just say use auto generated image that headline test of course you want to have a much better headline and test something very attractive for our purposes and then here you want I think you want to go the videos watch page on YouTube instead of your channel page right you want people to watch the video you know that blah blah blah most of the important stuff is done okay now we go arguing actually the last night before targeting we're gonna kind of keep an eye on this thing here let's say we give it max max is at 10 cents per view that we're gonna bid notice that it's orders of magnitude cheaper than Google Adwords or Facebook ads right and then we're gonna this is the coolest on the targeting okay.

They give you demographics okay age and also you know sometimes if it's unknown you're allowed the person is a little bit cheaper right if you don't allow unknown see it becomes more expensive like you got you gotta look right here see how this changes when I click unknown so if you don't care you've even known if you care you kind of target you know let's say we're doing this for my business my business is a business starting business all the people typically don't do this or you know what it depends how you want to target because sometimes all the people they maybe have an interest maybe so and they're gonna be one thing get engaged with you they have a far better attention span and they you know they can spend money they have more respect for things they actually often much better customers so but for for most people if you know it's gonna be people in this kind of age range right and then I think most of the people again females often they're better customers but I know more people are interested in business who are men and of course you want not apparent because of their care and they're way too busy okay you were done with that okay so we've kind of at least we've narrowed down and by the way these guys here they are the 25 to 34 age group they are typically less rich than all the people so maybe we want to get rid of them okay and we want to get rid unknown okay and let's see how that changes are so not that we can get still pretty cheap views here I'll make it a little bigger for you so you can see so let's say we're done with that and then we're going into interest and we'll say business they should be into let's see business professionals maybe we should add that not close enough and you can you really for your business you would just go down the list here I'm not excited about the options here it's okay we cancel that and then we go in market audiences you can look what's in the financial stuff not really relevant maybe we skip that and then you can narrow your targeting I kind of actually typically I find more relevance here and again keywords you can bid on how to start a business so you can actually appear in search right you remember from our previous examples these are start business and they even give you a whole bunch of examples right here right below so you can just go ahead and add because they're all pretty relevant right you can be done with that but then you can still edit because narrow more because you have remarketing is for people who have already visited you in a way it's a little trickier usually topics are very good the topics is a favorite of mine to put it it's you know we want to go business right and then everyone go maybe if it's starting a business it should be something intrapreneurship.

I don't necessarily see intrapreneurship here maybe small business business formation is good I'm not sure if MLM and isn't opportunity Google let's try that but I'm not gonna spend maybe Internet something related to business I shouldn't spend too much time here because I'll just bore you but really what um yeah really what happens if you look more thoroughly you would find relevant like sort relevant categories of people you know within their interests within the topic areas that they're interested intrapreneurship and starting a business and then you can target them okay I'm kind of trying to steal search a little bit but and then what you would do is basically look you know I the searches that I chose you can you can actually reach people for as low as a painting you see that and then some are pretty expensive I'm not sure why but here it tells you you know you can get we only typed in a dollar in the previous window but here you can get pretty much a lot of views you know if you thought if you maybe even go five cents right so you can get a lot of views like that's like twenty views for a dollar and comparing that to Google AdWords to appear in Google search it's like one click is like dollars or a dollar right so it's way way cheaper than actual Google's Google Adwords so YouTube AdWords is far cheaper and then to start this ad you really just save targeting group and you kind of um you know I'm gonna cancel out of all of this because I don't wanna do this but um but really just the very next screen was gonna say yes and then you're gonna go to approval process which lasts sometimes twenty minutes or so and you might get approved and your ads might be right stock might start running immediately and you'll start getting views to your video immediately and hopefully your your your videos are your AdWords are well targeted the people who are watching you're gonna be interested and hopefully they're gonna get converted by your well made videos and give you calls and emails and buy your products and do whatever you want them to do so that's kind of how you will do Google AdWords for video.

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