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What we will look for in each video type

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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: So out of the different video format today that we will examine in this course this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy let's take a look at what are going to be important aspects of each so each of them is going to have an ease of ease of you know each cost right ease of use for ease of creation right and when we say ease of creation essentially we mean cost right because if it's easy to make like this video that I'm making it's somebody can make it with one person right but if you have an action shot or something like that it might require to require multiple cameras multiple angles multiple actors a director a script while this video has a script but you will require a lot more for action things things like that right and all that of course is risk you have to pay the people and it will take more time in editing and more more risk that they didn't come out just right because it's a little bit of an art if you're doing a lot of action shots or something like that right you really don't know how it's going to come out and somebody has to put it together essentially a video like this less risk it's not easy to make still there's a lot of components to it like presenting well the script lighting camera reinforcing what I say with text my own presentation and how I deliver the content but and it's a lot and video quality audio quality there's a lot but but it's much easier compared to if you're doing something more active or there is an action sequence that is even much more difficult and of course like I mentioned risk of course another thing that you're looking for in a video is you have to evaluate the cost and ease of marketing like some things are naturally going to be a really good fit to may be ranked in search engines or maybe on the other hand in some either not have a really good opportunity to rank in search engines and later in the course we'll get into SEO and search and all your videos rank for now just take my word for it or you know it might just be very competitive right the keywords that there are that are good to rank for maybe just way too competitive to actually ultimately end up ranking and there may be low chance of ranking so that may be a risk right if we actually you might make a video and then it never really gets the exposure you want or at least a free exposure free traffic that you want another thing that you really want to evaluate before you decide on the video format is and will actually examine when we examine the different media format we'll kind of talk focus a lot on potential sales conversion because after all that's what we are after in different formats have different expected conversion rate depending on how hard you sell and of course the the more hard you sell the more chance you may turn some people off so there's a little bit of an art there as well as you want to balance the sales potential with minimizing people's irritation level right because nobody likes to be sold to but at the same time they want some products they have to want anyway we'll examine that as well and of course when it comes to content it's not only about it it might seem like oh it's about making the sale and of course we all want to make the sale but there is real value in making a viewer into a long-term content consumer because if you do that they might buy today next month next month next month next month and next month and you end up making over time thousands of percent more money than you would if you only focused on I gotta convert this person today right you've gotta make them buy from you at some point again and to do that you need either their contact information or you need to get them to subscribe to your blog your YouTube channel anything your email list any at least anything so that they can continue to get updates from you and kind of examined that along the way as well so these are the things that are are important when considering what kind of video format you're going to make to promote whatever it is you are promoting.

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