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Informative videos with upsell

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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm gonna talk about another format for your sales videos and that's kind of like informative videos with an upsell this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy they are kind of like content marketing I would say it's a cousin of content marketing because it's under the umbrella of content marketing but it's not exactly the same thing as basically making a video on some topic within your industry the idea is more a very targeted you have a product but you're you're gonna know you you know you're gonna be selling that one product in that one video and you make the video about kind of like how good or you know the benefits of the product or the problem that people are currently facing and how the product solves it right so it's very prime like the product should be the next logical step to getting the full benefits of what you're talking about in the video and what that does is and again I'll show you actually two examples of how I did this in later in this video but first I'll just go over some of the basic theory so it really converts at a higher rate than the common content marketing videos okay because it's more strategic also should add it should add more upsells throughout the video right again don't irritate people not too much but just softly and gently but definitely tell them how they can get the product where and all that and when you have explained how good the product will make the viewers situation how much better their life or situation will be with the product how much you will help them and then BOOM here's how you get it okay so you're gonna turn on you you have to do it has to be a little bit more Scelzi but with taste not too much because then it's gonna turn people off but not too little because then you're gonna have a low conversion rate right and when you do the salesy thing remember all about Aida and sales copywriting right you have to talk to them directly as they're your friend as though you're sharing something mention the word you many times and make them picture themselves how much their life is better after getting the benefit of the product right you know it's not like people buy health food because it tastes good it's because they're picturing how much their life will be when they're healthy and fit right or you know they don't do anything for the same sake of that thing they do things for the sake of the benefit so talk a lot about the benefits of that - you know you're giving it a little bit of a tutorial but the full thing you're selling has so much benefit and they then really picture the benefit right and that once they're convinced themselves it's not you who's gonna convince themselves it's they we're gonna convince themselves by letting their imagination go wild right picturing themselves with the benefit of your product and what you have to do is get them to start imagining you can sometimes even say imagine how better you know your life will be if you got this XYZ right if you if you like let's say you're talking a person who wants to lose weight and you're like well imagine how much your life will be better if you want 50 pounds lighter or something right or if you're you know healthy and fit and you know fit in with I don't know whatever like whatever people say but basically you can just say imagine right and here you go so let's go over a couple of examples so this is an example of an Android development course that I made with another person Wow okay for I hope I'm pronouncing his name correctly and this is a short video I'm gonna play you a little bit of the video now so you get a sense for it's a recent video so it's only got 1,100 views but I'll play you a little bit of the video now and you'll see this is a very effective video in sales before it plays let me tell you the things that we're trying to sell is our udemy course on how to development and by the way did you notice he also said imagine right and so but basically he goes on to talk in this video it's a five minute video so I won't play the whole thing for you I'll have I'll have a link for it in the next lecture so that you can watch it on your own pace but basically he goes on to say about to explain that Android is going to be dominating the mobile app world and that enjoyed developers make $100,000 or more and he can become a mobile app intrapreneur very easily if you learn developments you go multiple ways to make money here and have a fantastic career all if you learn android android development and guess what we have an android development course so you can take the course pretty quickly get up and running make your first app and either make that up grow or get a job like you know making a lot of money right that's the gist of this video and again I'll have the link to it in the next lecture now this is a different course I'm selling this course is on this is our course on Etsy handling money we have a course I mean with a certain game Cosima we made a course on how to make money on Etsy.

Now same thing we're promoting the Etsy course on udemy and in this course essentially he Sergey is the one who's in this video and essentially again he is explaining how to make money on Etsy and giving a lot of tips I won't play the video for you because I was 14 to 14 minutes but essentially he shows the products or I'll play a little bit of this for you a lot of tips on directly you know exactly how to sell on Etsy and the people who would watch this are people who are currently struggling with their Etsy experience they're just not making enough money selling products on Etsy and guess what our course will help them make a lot of money on Etsy because it's gonna help them understand how to professionally source products and promote products and generate a lot of sales right and we're promoting that course to those people who are watching this video and are struggling right so what do you say of course you say you know imagine I use like you say are you struggling with your business now right you try and everything you're working hard but you're not making the money that you're hoping for your and you and it's adding a lot of stress to your life well imagine how much better your life will be if you were able to make 10 20 or whatever more % revenue or double or triple whatever you want to say and then you say well you can do that if you take this course because we'll teach you how to make money on Etsy and be more effective sales person there and get more exposure for your products make more sales make more money get rid of the stress be happier right and you know take more vacations treat your family have more peace in your life all that that's the promise right so imagine get them imagining in this because that's the idea of making money right because it's really supposed to free up some parts of your life pursue your dream right that's what people say and that's the sound it's essentially what we sell in this video again here we have upsells throughout the video and this video does convert I mean we sell both in Val's video and in this video we have between depending on who's watching we have between of a percent to two percent conversion on sales right which is not bad if you because we are we are able to get the views to come from organic search so people are just searching YouTube for relevant searches finding the videos watching us and then going on to buy the courses so it's a nice way to add an additional revenue stream to our existing revenue stream that's alright yeah but essentially you know you get some conversion here it's not bad all about getting the views and the trick here was to actually make good enough videos right the trick here was to make good enough videos and to promote them so that people will actually so that it actually will rank in YouTube and people will naturally watch them and people will naturally watch get engaged and then that's when they the sales rate goes up for this type of video for this type of a video so hopefully you got how to work with this kind of a format on how to make it effective for you.

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