How I rank videos for competitive searches

How I rank videos for competitive searches Part 01

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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Let me explain to you what I do to make a single video rank well in search this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and I'm gonna give you an example of something that I do for all my videos I'm just gonna go to search and I'll show you Facebook marketing right which is a very difficult term to rank for and you'll see that I am right here so I'm on the first page next to some really big names and really really top marketers many of whom have spent money I'm to help their ranking or have a tremendous brand associated with them like this lady Mary Smith so you know I'm in pretty stiff competition and this is a very difficult search train for how did I do it right this is my video so first thing is first so there are you know there are the basics right so like in every SEO page you have on-page SEO and you have off page SEO let's talk first about the basics that I do on page basics that I do for every video ok and we can start even with this title Jane first of all the title is rich with keywords obviously and but you have to look a little bit deeper at what I'm doing with the keywords to really get the insight okay so I'm trying to rank this video for Facebook marketing it's right there for also Facebook marketing strategies for also how to promote your business like promote a business write on Facebook so Facebook for business right all those variations are things I'm ranking for right so I'll show you see I'm right there right Facebook I'm right there right see that same building your periods and all these searches and what does that do well number one and gets me more views and gives you more exposure but number two search engines they like acceleration of quality metrics and views our quality metrics and because I get more views because I appear in more searches it's a natural way for me to have that particular metric out you know I'll do all my competitors right so that's a nice thing the next thing is in the pre-planning of the video because you see that I have a cool video here it's 25 strategies okay 25 strategist it's exciting because something most of these other videos.


They suggest like one strategies or in this case four essentials or even in case of the the best person here who is Mary Smith right in who we saw in the previous search she had seven in her video had seven so this one has 25 all right so I go boom boom boom 25 and that gets people watching until the end so whatever you have a number like 10 15 20 25 hundred whatever seven it always gets people watching what for for longer so having that kind of 25 or a number you know a list of things will get people watching and the longer watch times we are gonna be another ranking factor that's going to help your video rank better so what's gonna happen is you want to also have that metric that quality metric of longer watch times work in your favor when compared to other videos right so we're already covering the how the title just the title can help you have longer watch times have more views and those are really great quality signals and and Search Search you know metrics right and another thing is that if you look at my thumbnail it has a very bright color it stands out among a lot of these other ones and what's gonna happen is that's going to increase the click-through rate right people are searching you know this is a little bit faded out because it says I watched it and the pictures faded out but the blue is very bright for most people and just it pops out and then gets a higher click-through rate among all the other videos another thing that happens is the title gets a higher click-through rate than most videos because it's 25 strategies you know it's better so those are all things that rise from the game though you're able to be stronger than your competitors and you're able to rank and that really helps the video along now let's actually click on the video and let me stop this ad from playing and let me show you what I'm doing what other things I'm doing for helping this video rank better okay so I'm gonna I'm going to show you show more and by the way look at look at the kind of engagement this video gets um I didn't buy it likes for this video I'll show you how what I did to get such a great you know difference in likes was just something thumbs up or just thumbs down but but this is natural like this isn't something I bought and it isn't something I faked it's it's real people liking this video that obviously also helps um helps the video rank better and I'll show you how I did that in a little bit but first of all take a look at what I'm doing here first sentence I'm repeating the title you know you may or may not want to do this because you know you may want to start selling right because the thing I'm telling is my udemy course on Facebook marketing right you see that so you know if the difference is you decide what you want you know you can keep the fee this is the first thing you'll sell more of this thing but if this is the first thing which is the title you'll rank a little better so it's up to you I'm gonna save this just so I'm going to mess it up here um and then you see basically I have a relatively long description it's all like it's all keyword-rich talking about Facebook marketing then I promote my other Facebook videos um this strategy actually didn't work very well.

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