Copywriting Part 01

Copywriting that gets people to buy Part 01

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May 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Hey there let's talk about sales copywriting um it's kind of an underappreciated underrated under talked about field this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy but it was so important and I found out just how important it is literally with money that I'm making right because before I really focused on it I was making mediocre sales I wasn't sure how to create sales pages I wasn't sure how to write text before you know the Buy button right I just didn't know and I was all over the place but once I became good at sales copywriting it's just streamlined how I write and how I position my sales page is my product and it helped me like raise sales sometimes many fold right that's hundreds of percent sometimes just with sales copywriting so let me explain what it is and by the way I you know I'm good at marketing I'm a tech guy this is one of my like latest things that I've tacked on to my skills so I'm still in the process of becoming better myself so this tutorial is in no way a replacement you know it's no way a complete guide but at the same time you will get quite a bit if you've never you know you may have heard of copywriting like you might hire a blogger or something this isn't that this is sales copywriting where you write specifically for writing sales copy write sales for how either how you could have present the product or how you're gonna write a sales page when people come to your product you know how you're gonna write the description so that it gets the person to buy instead of to go away okay so that's what we're gonna talk about obviously it's an extremely important topic because we can focus on it on all kinds of marketing strategies right SEO social media word-of-mouth referrals blah blah blah but but but but but that's only to get people to come to our page right so they got here but just got here we need to still make them behind right so there's a whole huge second piece of that puzzle and we have to in sales copywriting every every Mac marketer they must master this right because you're gonna be working so hard to bring customers to your page you don't want to lose them you really don't want to lose them right you want to convert as high percentage of them as possible okay so we got to convince them that our product is the best how do we do that you've got to paint a picture of you know in general of how this person's life is today compared to how this person's life is going to be when they get your product okay so you know let's talk about my course on you know the marketing course on how to reach a million people right well again if you're struggling with getting traffic and here I am saying here's the course on how to get a million people I'm certainly that is you know a before and after that's amazing right if you talk about you know when people sell you weight loss products they have the before and after pictures you want to be many people probably have imperfect bodies and they want to have a perfect body and they can see before and after now you know that kind of weight loss before and after it's been played out so many times it's not effective anymore but think about when when you early on when that thing was just kind of beginning to be used how effective it must have been right of course people can see it so you always want to build metaphors you want to get people to picture it that's sort of high level okay see make them and feel and understand and picture how their life will be better when you write copy you always want to write the like say the word you write it's you you're addressing it to the individual you you you your life will be better.

You will get more traffic you will learn SEO you'll save money because you won't have to hire a marketing consultant right you know these are examples that I just mentioned for my course on how to reach a million people with your marketing right and then you know you always want to also address because the person coming in they're thinking what's in it for me what do I get right that's their main question and you want to address that you're gonna get you're gonna learn how to promote your business on your own and reach really wonderful scale right so it's what it's clear that's what people are gonna get you want to describe different benefits sometimes people describe features right like the feature is or you will get like ten hours of content and by the way I do mention that for example I do mention features actually maybe it's one of my mistakes but because in my in my description of the course I do mention some features like ten hours of content hundred lectures but the truth is usually described benefits that benefits are you will get a million people exposure to a million people that the goal of the course that's the promise of the course that you will learn professional SEO techniques you will learn professional advanced social marketing social media marketing techniques and you will become a really good marketer and you'll be able to promote and grow your business right that should be the promise of the course that's what the person ultimately wants right because when they grow their business they know they're gonna make money and that's why I did here in the first place right not to get ten hours of content or not to get 100 lectures they're here to learn how to get exposure how to grow their business how to make money how to be successful okay okay so that's the picture you want to pink describe the benefits benefits benefits benefits right not features benefits huge okay so also you want to kind of break up your course your description if it's a written description into small paragraphs because sometimes having a big block of text kind of daunting to read for people and people skip it or they stop reading entirely so you want to have you could have many paragraphs but as long as they're broken up into you know only two to three to four sentences no more than that for each paragraph so you want to have a like it should be readable it should be easy for people to read the text obviously and then there are some powerful words you can use and I'm just gonna read you some of them here these words invoke emotion these work these typically increase sales you love discovery discovery save write you're gonna say proven you're gonna get results you're gonna get.

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