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February 15, 2020

Video Transcription: So now that you know how to find products in Alibaba you're probably wondering how do we know if these products are profitable or in other words how do we know that we want to import these products and we're gonna make a decent amount of money once we go to sell it on eBay and there's a few things that we can look forward to help us determine this ahead of time and by far the most important thing we can do is use eBay is completed listing tool now this completed listing tool is a free to use tool that's directly on eBay website and it tells us some really important information what it tells us is whether or not an item sold successfully in the past and also if it did sell successfully how much did it sell for and this allows us to guess about how much we can make once we sell that product on eBay also when we're looking for profitable products we want to look for products that are easy to ship and that's because there's gonna be two different shipping periods for this product one is when you're importing the product from an overseas manufacturer or a wholesaler and the smaller the item the more you're gonna save in shipping cost there and also when you ship the product to your customer. If your products easy to ship then you're gonna save money there as well and lastly it's really important to think about what is your true profit margin so when you factor in all the cost how much money are you really making when you sell that product so now let's take a look at eBay is completed listing tool so to get to this we're gonna go to ebay comm and in this example I'm just gonna use banana holders so here we're on eBay and in order for the completed listing tool to work you're gonna have to be logged in to an eBay account and you're gonna want to scroll down and right here where it says show only check the completed listings tab and then what I usually like to do is click on the Buy It Now since in most cases I always list items as a Buy It Now auction but here we can see a banana holder that's sold for twenty dollars and if we click on this listing we're going to get a lot more information so here is everything that is on the product description and we can see that they offered free shipping and then there's also some information about the product here so that's one example but we want to find a few more to make sure they're selling consistently so here's one that's sold for $11 and right here we can see that six of them have sold and if we click on that six we'll see on what dates they sold so they were actually selling pretty frequently the 21st the fifteenth and two sold on the same day. So there is a decent amount of demand for this product and whenever it's black it means the item did not sell successfully so we can learn about the lot about the items that did sell but also from the items that didn't sell so what was it about this banana holder that didn't sell whereas this one did and it could be a lot of factors it could be the design of the product maybe it's not as appealing the price but this price is actually pretty good what I think it might been in this case was the product title this seems like a very strange product title but then again this one does tale so a lot of times you there is no clear reason why an offer sold for what it did and that's what you have to look at multiple listings and just get a feel for it so this one sold for $16 maybe putting new in the title made it more helpful so we could always do testing to determine that these ones did not sell that well that one didn't sell but this one with the fruit bowl sold for 19 dollars and we can see 31 of them sold and by clicking on that we can see that they sold semi frequently a few in December a few in November that one did not sell that one with the woods sold this one sold here so after doing this for a while you have to make your own decision about whether or not you think this items worth importing honestly at this point I would look for another item since half of these are not selling successfully and only half of them are but if you think you can determine why these successful ones are selling and you can replicate that then maybe this is a product that you'd want to import but there is no real science to this it's just going through and determining what percentage of them are selling successfully how much are they're selling for what product title are they using and more specifically in this case what style banana holder are they selling and with this information from the completed listing tool we can go back to Alibaba and search banana holders and see what styles they have available and about how much we can expect to spend on them so this one that we saw selling for around 10 to 20 dollars is available for 2 to 8 dollars so that might be something we're interested in and we can contact the supplier to get the true costs for this and also get an updated minimum order so hopefully we don't have to order hundreds of these and these are a dollar to three each for this bamboo holder and I saw this one selling for over $10 each so there's potential profit to be made there so there it like I said there is no science behind this but if you just explore using eBay's completed listing tool you'll get a feel for which products have profit potential and which ones don't.

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