How to Satisfy customers on Ebay for Free

Satisfying Customers

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February 15, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm going to talk about the importance of making sure your customers are satisfied and the best way to do it now customers are the lifeblood of your business and they have a direct control over the feedback that's left on your account and when potential buyers are thinking about buying a product from you if they see that you have battery views they're much less likely to buy from you whereas if they see you have all positive reviews they feel comfortable and they trust you more and the best way to make sure you always have positive reviews is to always err in favor of the customer so for example let's say you ship a product to a customer and before shipping it you've inspected it you know it's in perfect working condition and your customer sends you a message that a main part of your product is broken rather than arguing with the customer you would immediately assume that they're right and give them what they're asking for whether that's a full refund or shipping another product to them it's simply not worth arguing with your customer and even if you think you're right you want to just say that your customers right and the reason is just one bad review can significantly hold up your sales and if you argue with your customers or don't give them a refund when they ask for it they're likely to give you that bad review so even if you lose ten twenty dollars by sending them. A new product just make sure they're happy it's worth it you don't want to deal with the hassle of getting a bad review another thing is if your customer asked for a refund don't ask them to ship the product back to you first that's because if they have to ship the product back to you that's a huge hassle they have to go to the post office they have to fill in your address buy the right postage you don't want them to do that because if they're asking for a refund they're already unhappy and if you make them go to the post office and ship it back to you just so they can be happy again they're gonna be upset and they're much more likely to beat leave a bad feedback rating so in that case tell them you can keep the products I'm either going to ship you a new product or give you a full refund now other ways you can make sure customers happy is to OE ship quickly so either ship your products the day that the customer orders it or the next day but you don't want to wait two or three days to ship the product because your customers are not going to like waiting that long another important thing is to process returns quickly so if one of your customers is not happy and they want to return either reply to them that day or the next day and make sure that you process that return quickly so that means if you're gonna send them a new product you want to ship that new product very quickly in the next day or if you're gonna give them a full refund don't wait a week to give them that refund just give it to them right then and there and lastly it's important to be very friendly and personable when communicating now this is really easy to do when everything is going great but let's say that your customer is asking for a refund and it seems like for a ridiculous reason you might be very tempted to argue with them or to not be friendly and you want to avoid that inclination you want to make sure that you're always and friendly and personable even when you feel like arguing or you think you're right you just gotta set that aside and be friendly and that's because at all cost you want to make sure you have positive feedback and it's just not worth arguing with someone and getting bad feedback for it.

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