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How to Create Listings that Sell

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February 15, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we're gonna talk about how to create listings on eBay that sell and these tips are really gonna help your products stand out from your competitors and that's important because when your potential customer does a search on eBay and they see ten or twenty products similar to yours if you don't have these characteristics that make your listing stand out it's very unlikely that they'll click on your listing above your competitors so the first most important thing is the headline so like I mentioned when someone does a search on eBay for your products they're likely to be 10 or 20 competitors with similar products and the only thing that makes your product any different than another product is your headline which is otherwise known as your product title and that's the first thing that your potential customer sees when they see your listing so in the headline it's very important to describe as much as you possibly can and that's because you want to make it as descriptive as possible and the more information you have the more likely you are to say something that'll attract your potential customers attention and interest so for example when I was on eBay I sold men's titanium magnetic bracelets and instead of saying titanium magnetic bracelet I would always make my headline much more descriptive so it'd be best men's titanium magnetic bracelet 3000 Gauss and other features that the bracelet had and the important thing here is if I just said titanium magnetic bracelet they're gonna see my bracelet along with 15 other bracelets that are also called or have titanium magnetic bracelet in the title. So it's very important that I added those extra words to differentiate my product from the competition the next thing that's important in the headline is if it applies to your products you want to include the gender that your product is intended for so for example when I was selling a titanium bracelet I would always put men's titanium bracelet and that's because the product I was selling was targeted towards men and men don't want to buy Jewellery product if they're not sure that it's designed for men so by including that in the title I made my potential customers much more likely to choose my listing and confident that it was designed for them now this only applies if your product is designed for a certain gender so most jewelry products are but if you're selling any other type of product that's not specific to a certain gender then don't worry about including the gender in your headline or product title now the next thing I found after doing this for a while was I was testing my listings and I found the listings that started off with the word best seem to sell the most so it sounds like a really random thing but it's worked well for me and I've had a lot of success because of it so most of my listings after doing this testing I would start off with Best so it'd be best men's titanium magnetic bracelet so that's something you can try and test with your products and see if it helps. I think it will next up in your headline it's very important to include a unique quality to your product so like I said earlier when someone searches for your products on eBay they're likely to see 10 or 15 very similar products and it's important that you include something that's very unique to your product that makes your product stand out from your competition so this is really specific to the type of product that you're selling but almost any product has something unique about it so spend time thinking about what makes your product unique and make sure to include it in your product title and finally it's very important that you test and that's because the headline or product title that you think will be most effective might actually not be as effective as it could be the only way to know for sure is to try putting up listings with different product titles and seeing which one sell the most and a great example of how effective testing can be is I had no idea that putting the word best in front of my listings would increase my sales but luckily I was testing my listings and once I realized that I started putting it in all my listing titles and I generated many more sales so there's a lot of important things you can discover when you test that ultimately leads to you making more money and profit the next thing to make your eBay listing stand out is your description so this is important once your potential customer saw your product title and they were curious and interested enough to click on it and learn more in your description it's very important that you speak in terms of your customer benefits so you don't want to talk about how great your product is you want to talk about how your product makes the lives of your potential customers better and one easy way to do this is to include you in a lot of your descriptions so for example with the bracelet you will love how this bracelet feels on your hand instead of saying this is a soft bracelet or a comfortable bracelet I'm specifically saying you as a potential customer will love this bracelet so use that when you describe your own products that you're selling on eBay the next thing is to focus on the unique aspects of your product and this is a very common term use in business called USP and USP stands for unique selling proposition and it's just a fancy way of saying what's unique about your product or service and this is something we went over with the product title but it's also important to bring up this USP throughout your product description next you want to mention that there are very easy returns that's because when someone buys a product from you they don't want to take on a lot of risk if they're taking on a lot of risk then they're likely to go to one of your competitors that offers a better return policy so you always want to mention that if your customer is not satisfied with your product it's very easy to get a refund and finally just like the product title you want to test and that's because testing is the best way to see what works and what doesn't now there's no right way to test but if you put up multiple listings and just write it on a piece of paper or an Excel chart. Then you'll notice which listing descriptions lead to products that sell more often and finally what's important to make your eBay listing stand out is price and that's because eBay is a very price-sensitive market and what that means is the main determining factor of whether your potential customer buys your product or competitors is which is the lowest cost and that's not true for all marketplaces but just the way eBay is set up is the price makes a huge difference so one thing that makes your price more attractive is to include free shipping so I get a lot of questions of should I make my product $40 with free shipping or $35 with $5 shipping so even though the customer pays the same regardless you want to do the free shipping option and that's because it looks much more attractive to your potential customers so just include your shipping costs in your product cost and offer free shipping and that's something I've discovered through testing so that's another reason why you should test everything but without a doubt the free shipping option led to many more sales the next thing that I found to be successful is we send your price in ninety five cents and there's a lot of psychological reasons behind that which you don't have to worry about it's very easy to do and there's no reason not to so for example instead of pricing your item at five dollars you could sell it at $4.95 and lastly just because eBay is such a price sensitive market you want to match your competitors pricing so if you're selling a product that's very similar or the same as your competitors you want to make sure that your price is competitive as well

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