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Plugins tutorial

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March 09, 2020

Video Transcription : hi there so the next thing after widgets is we should set our plugins plugins are kind of little software programs that help us do something and let's just go to installed plugins and see what we have and this is we're working right now from the default you know kind of installation of WordPress right so these are like basic things none of these you really need here right like Japanese package for WordPress you don't need Hello Dolly you don't really need but I'm gonna leave you with a page here and I'm gonna put this right after this lecture in the course I'm gonna add this link to this page and it's basically for 2015 the expert takes of the 20 20 top wordpress plug-in that you need to have it's like it's gonna have to do you know these are gonna help you with social media with SEO with security with editing a lot of stuff right make your site faster you get you better opt-ins so these are really top top plugins and I'm gonna have this link here what I'm gonna do in this video is I'm basically going to show you how to install one and let's install this one WordPress SEO by yoast is obviously number one recommended one I actually have it in my other website where I do SEO so I use it personally on a different website and here's what I do the title of this thing is WordPress SEO by yoast right and what I do is I say add new you can also go add new from here doesn't matter add new and it's going to give you this little window you type the plug-in that you want then you search the plugins and it's going to search the web for plugins that are for this it's obviously this one just because the title is it like identical has really great reviews you as you can see out of a lot of ratings so we just say install now are you sure you want to install this yes it's gonna give a little installation kind of a window it's gonna say that it's installing unpacking installing security specifially installed now let's say we're gonna activate it very good so anytime you install a plugin you can activate or deactivate a plugin so now we have this WordPress SEO and it's activated now here's the difference right so let's see what let's see all post right so let's take a look at one of our existing posts and let's just edit this one and you can see that there's this whole area that appears here that didn't exist before and this is that plugin and what it does is it gives you a lot of a lot of stuff it's gonna basically help you with SEO so we're not are getting any keywords with this article yet but you can see that you can set your title right here you can set your description right here so once you start getting once you start focusing on SEO this will be this is the number one plugin for helping you with SEO and I have this you know I use this all the time even if I'm Google SEO like I'm like I am let's say you know advanced level expert but I still use this plug-in it's really helpful in it you know when you're beginner is gonna teach you when you get more experience is just gonna make things more convenient for you and so that's just an example of how we did that we did that and what you want to do is you want to always go into plugins and you want to update them as well because it's at some point the people who created these plugins they create new versions updates and also they have some you know as you can see here premium support so there is paid advanced features but but these these are free generally so the these are generally free plugins but if you want some extra features they have like extra things you can buy so essentially what you do is basically just add a bunch of plugins I can show you so for example this is a different blog post of mine and I use a plug-in to give me this really nice social media buttons right it looks cool they like they look kind of nice I guess I'm not a designer but I guess they look nice and this is a plugin that I use it's called social media feather and you basically can just you know this is just something this is not recommended on that list but it's something that I use and let me show you again how I would install this so I would go add new and I just type this because I copied it social media feather I copy the title and then you can see install now and you thought you also have to configure this one and when it's ready it's going to install activate and when you activate it we're not gonna go through the whole configuration now because I might take a little bit too much time but well sorry press the wrong button let's go back to act let's activate it again and there are settings right so because different plugins they work in the same different ways and for this one there's a lot of settings like you know do you want to do Plus do you want read it you want Pinterest you see so you can have a lot of control here obviously not gonna go through each of those settings now but I'll let you go through and see which social media network networks are gonna be right for you and so there's so you want to basically handle commenting security side speed SEO opt-in pages things like that you know so as you have some needs chances are many people have had those needs and chances are there's been plugins made for them so plugins are essentially little tools that are gonna help you and I'm gonna leave you I'll also share one plugin that I personally like it is this hellobar is very nice because it adds a little bit of a tiny bar at the top of your page of your site and if you're promoting anything you can link from that little tiny hello bar to that so this increases the conversion of whatever you're promoting this is nice and I really like this plug-in revive old posts so you can set it to if you have some old blog posts which all of your blog posts eventually will become old and if you don't have time to retweet them and you know this will automatically do that for you and you set the time interval and you set the time when you consider a blog post to be old you know for me it's like one day you know because anyway you know it's a somewhat of a random thing but then this plug-in automatically tweets for you your old blog post so it kind of keeps them alive and maybe you know gets them out on social media and things like that so that's a very nice plug-in that I like as well it helps me a lot so that's what I kind of use there's you know for security and things like that I'll let you reference what the experts recommend here and and just explore and see what kind of things you might like and need for your blog so that's it about plugins um pretty simple as you can see is it's difficult to make them because you have to know programming but it's easy to use them so that's it for plugins.

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