How to create pretty and customized urls

How to create pretty and customized urls for your posts and pages

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March 09, 2020

Video Transcription : now I want to show you how to make pretty URLs when your default setup for WordPress and gets installed your default is going to be kind of URLs are gonna be a little bit ugly and I'll show you the difference so what you do is from your dashboard you go to settings and you go to permalinks and the default is something this is the default okay so when a configuration gets installed a fresh copy of WordPress gets installed you're gonna have these ugly kind of URLs for each page and that's gonna kind of show you like the ID of the post but doesn't you know it's not that pretty and you don't know what it's about and especially if you posted somewhere people also don't know what it's about and they'll be more skeptical so what I like is this very nice kind of a post where it takes your title and it makes that into the URL so that people can tell what the page is about just by looking at the URL if you posted anywhere or if you even if you're looking it's you know it kind of helps you so I usually usually it's set as default then I post it to post name you can you have these options you can also have the date with the post name I'm not excited about the date um and but you could do that it's sometimes helpful to kind of have a reference check when you posted it and for people as well um the problem is that if you if your post is old and it gets day that people may not click on it because the date will be old so I like to keep it kind of just with the name so then I set the post name Save Changes and then all your post names will be will have nice URLs now you can actually customize the URLs so let me show you how to customize them as well so let's go post let's go let's go pages and let's go all pages and you do this the same for pages and posts so we go about yeah let's go about I probably already did this but so you see that the URL is very nice it's just the domain name and slash about very nice I mean but if you don't like that you can edit it X Y Z blah blah blah in this case I don't want to edit it but you could and that's just and then you would update it you would save it and that's how you get customized and pretty URL.

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