how to configure hosting from different company

If you bought domain and hosting from different sites, here is how to configure

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March 09, 2020

Video Transcription : hi there so this video is going to be only for people who bought the their domain in a different website from where they bought their hosting because what you need to do is connect the domain with the hosting and you do that by setting your namespace servers and here's how you do it wherever you bought your hosting you need to contact them and ask them for your namespace servers that they gave you and I'll show you in a second how that would look like and then wherever you bought your domain in my case I bought my domain at which is a very common maybe it's the biggest place to buy a domain to put it's a very if it's not the biggest it's one of the biggest places and also refer you how to do it on GoDaddy and then wherever your domains are you just do it some similar steps right so basically you go to domains and you choose the domain name that you want to set the name server sport see domains manage my domains and then you choose your domain name and in my case these this these are what the domain name server don't mean domain name spaces look like and I'm just gonna set them I'm just gonna basically copy them in my case I'm copying in from a different domain that I have but that's just a convenient issue for me and so what you do is you go to see how I have some defaults here well the name servers games with the domain name servers and you go to manage so you go to manage and then you custom and then you do one like that and then you saw that you have another one like that and just so you see I have 13 and 14 so yeah 13 and with 14 and we are done and it's supposed to take you it's supposed to say and then if we're done and it's supposed to take it says up to 24 hours sometimes it's as little as one hour so let's see how long it's gonna take us before the domain name is set before this change takes place this is how the domain looks like right it says you registered the domain but you didn't do anything with it but once it's changed the picture is gonna change and it's going to give us more than more directions so once this kind of a picture changes for you you know that you did it right and that should happen in under 24 hours so sometimes it takes like as little as an hour or half an hour or two hours so you never know these things.

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