GTMetrix YouTube report

GT Metrix YouTube report

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I want to show you a report that is created by GT metrics which is an analytics tool for site speed but it's not by Google this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. and I want to show you how it looks at your result of Google product and specifically YouTube so I ran it through this domain name is on my side and it's this URL any old URL and what happened was on this URL as you can see that I got an F for PageSpeed score and a lot of problems right a lot of requests a lot of things there's it's a big page a lot of things happening took five seconds to load the number one complaint that I got the biggest bad grade on F ok parsing of JavaScript what does that mean here well look it's complaining about YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube I'm embedding a lot of YouTube videos here and what I did is the only thing that the only change that I made is I commented out all except one youtube call now i'm going to show you how i ran this tool and i'm gonna show you the difference now i got 53 score you see that and the javascript is not the only major problem you see it's still complaining about one video but the number of complaints is has far decreased now let's see what happens if i comment out all of the youtube videos you see that before the biggest problem was this defer parsing of JavaScript and I had all these YouTube problems now let's see what happens when I removed every instance of YouTube videos this is the report that's run after I removed the only difference is I removed all the instances of YouTube videos you see how this core was defer parsing of JavaScript you see how this core used to be 0 now this core is 90 ok there are some other issues like this library that I'm using but they're mine they're mine there are tiny things the major thing major complaints are the YouTube videos themselves once I get rid of them the page sped up considerably it went to three seconds load speed in 125 total requests and 100 point six megabytes that is downloading compared to four point eight seconds loaded more requests that it's making and more more just content that had to be downloaded so that's the the real true impact of YouTube videos so should you get rid of YouTube videos on your site no but should you use them sparingly per page probably yes.

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