Google product problems and reporting

Case study conclusion and exposing Google product problems and reporting

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I want to conclude the section on-page optimization in this case study and just show you a different tool for all of this and so as you can see this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. I ran it before and when I first started optimizing this page I got addy 66% some complaints were listed here minimize redirects which we fixed since then differing parsing of JavaScript which we'll take a look there's gzip compression issues which we'll discuss and leverage in browser caching case so essentially I got this amount of content I needed to download it took 4.8 seconds after I fix all this you see much better everything is almost twice faster like literally twice faster really minimizes requests really minimize the amount of content that needed to be loaded and all these things here are also fixed even partially the gzip compression which is a complicated issue we'll discuss later but I want to draw your attention to one fact is that most of the improvement according to these guys and you see these GT metrics is not associated with Google so they tell a different story than the Google product they both both of these products lead us in their same direction but this one complains about Google products much more and most of the improvements most of the score that boost had that happened from this core happened from me removing Google products like the YouTube video that was embedded that that was a single biggest jump and you to Google's products of course didn't complain about that it minimally complained about that as a minor minor issue this thing which is a third-party independent tool really complained about it and if you look at if I expand this item here the FIR parsing of JavaScript it also still discusses JavaScript issues that have to do with Google ads and it was much worse when I had Google embedded YouTube videos this were this core was much worse and this could be improved potentially because this might be I've literally commented out all the things that refer to ads so I don't exactly know how to identify what's complaining about this this is something I might have to consult with my the the the HTML and CSS person maybe we can brainstorm it together and it just requires a little bit of more digging because I can tell because like I've literally commented out all the things that has to do with ads and it's still complaining about ads so maybe I should have cleared cache or something like that because I maybe I something is not right but you can see it's still complaining about the ads which I've taken out so this score can potentially improve and get me to an a area and the only issues with the gzip compression and like I said we're gonna discuss that later so this was just an example for me to show you how much worse the Google products how much more of an impact they have in slowing down your site then Google products actually tell you it's you would think that they're honest about it but something is not adding up because all these tools we don't know what's going on inside really there's some level of trust that we have to trust it blindly because we can't dig around in there and see what their code is checking and one is blaming the other so this is the why it's really good to use multiple tools to always verify things because they're not always accurate not necessarily they're lying they're just not always accurate so you get a much better picture when you use multiple tools so this concludes our case study of how quickly you can optimize your pages and in the next videos we're gonna go over more techniques for how to do it but these were the very quick low-hanging fruit.

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