Your 30 second pitch

Your 30 Second Pitch

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about your thirty second business pitch some people call it your elevator pitch this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy doesn't matter it's the shortest way you can explain your business and you will use it multiple times a day every day if you're doing your job as an entrepreneur because anyone you talk to potential business partners potential investors anyone who just asks in the conversation you meet somebody at a bar and they're like hey so what do you do and you you got to give them your pitch so that it's clear and interesting because nobody wants to hear confusing rambling talking about yourself because most of the time first-time entrepreneurs they love to talk about their ideas they're like well it's gonna be amazing it's gonna be a billion dollar idea me me me I am so great I'm so great my idea is so great nobody wants to be on the receiving end of that so you want to be clear and have your pitch fit naturally into a conversation so doesn't kill the conversation if it's not for them like let's say your business is a cleaning business if they don't need it they're not gonna become your client but if it's for them and you're clear and your brief you'll stop and you'll give them a chance to ask you questions for maybe more then of course you can have a good conversation about it because it's an equal conversation then you're both enjoying and of course clarity and brevity it's your first goal your next level goals is just to be inspiring or funny that just makes it more memorable but don't try to do it in the beginning just try to be clear and brief and at least a little bit interesting that's actually already very hard so I'm going to give you a pitch template this is from Adira resi who's a very successful entrepreneur and founder of the founder Institute which is a startup incubator and he's got this pitch that I'm gonna give you this template and then I'm gonna give you examples so right after this video you'll have like a maybe a 10-15 second pitch that's even shorter than 30 seconds and it will be effective and clear and that's it so here's the pitch the first sentence is my company is XYZ right that's it is developing something or if it's already in business has a product or service say what profit or service it like maybe a cleaning service okay then you say who it helps in the case of a cleaning business it might be residential cleaning it might be offices if the problem you're solving isn't clear then you say with what problem you're solving in this case it's obvious what problem you're solving so some of these sentences you can even at time skip and then you say with this unique approach so if you have a unique approach then you mentioned it here if you're secretive about this business you don't have to give away your secret but really essentially the unique approach is where you might be secretive or private so this is a template you can try to use and let's go over it I'm gonna give you two examples of different kinds of businesses so that you will get a feel for it and hopefully you will create your own the first example is an example of my own mobile app company my company's problem EO comm they'd built a mobile app series that helps entrepreneurs start a business avoid pitfalls and get guidance along the way by offering live expert help the live expert help is like you know the secret sauce how I'm different you see how tight it is obviously I don't know your subjective experience to receiving this pitch but I can say this in approximately 10 seconds or 15 seconds and it gives a lot of clarity another thing I do when people ask me so what do you do literally in one sentence I say I run a company that creates and sells educational products for entrepreneurs it's literally one side and so it's even less than this and people go like oh and then they ask more questions and they you know and so the conversation flows and I don't take up too much of the conversation space so you can play around with the phrasing depending on who you're talking to because if it's just a converts casual conversation you want to be more brief if it's an investor you really want to compel them so let's go over another company so this is a mobile app the next company will be a restaurant something very different restaurant let's say I'm starting a gourmet Italian restaurant that serves high-end Italian food obviously to people who appreciate better quality food and can't afford it then comes the line who are you helping and it's really for people who appreciate better food and can afford it and the reasons we're starting is because there's lack of gourmet food in some upscale neighborhood that's the opportunity and our secret sauce or our differentiation is I have a world-class chef but I would shorten this by literally I'm starting a gourmet Italian restaurant in such-and-such neighborhood that is an upscale neighborhood but has a low number of high-end restaurants especially Italian restaurants and we have a world-class head chef on staff I mean literally just a couple of seven says and you can shuffle around the phrasing of it so it's more cadence it's whether the flow is better off your tongue and you can play around with different variations of it so that you can see responses in people's faces when you tell them but essentially this template helps you not to go wrong and stay clear and not ramble on for five minutes because that's the worst so in any.

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