Ideal thumbnail vs image attributes

Ideal thumbnail or image attributes that get attention

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: Guys I wanna explain to you the power of having very bright or attractive thumbnail for your product this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and your product can be anything online it can be mobile apps can be books can be products on Amazon that are not books can be almost you know anything on eBay maybe even thumbnails on YouTube okay and I'll show you the benefit of it because there are certain colours that get a higher click-through rate and if you get a higher click-through rate then guess what people who buy more of your products and not your competitors that's what you want okay and I'll show you a case study on my mobile apps I used to have a logo like this Bright you see this B is grey it's not the worst logo um and I'm appreciative of the person who made it but but it's not the best logo by any means right and this logo actually did well I did well with this logo but later I changed this logo to logo for my apps which our business plan so we can take a look at my logo which is this the bright orange and in fact look at my other logos you can see that I have even the brighter red right and so what I like is bright orange bright blue and bright red and you know and you can get deeper into human psychology on in this topic because you know men and women react differently to different colours men and women react differently even to the letters on it right so and different even graphics react differently nevertheless to keep things simple bright colours and the case that he was that when I had this logo made and me changed this logo and I took out this logo right this logo is still here but the important thing is that the logo stands out not here but in search because if I search the App Store and if I switch for something like a business plan which is what might happen about then I don't know how it feels to you but certainly, these stand out more than you know these are this one two and three are mine and then they stand out more than a bunch of others yeah the letters are big enough to read and the colours are there's enough colour density and things like that so it stands out and this is what you want to do so when I change this logo to the colour that it is and this kind of block red colour it increased my downloads but I didn't believe it but by 15% and because I increased my downloads by 15% that burst help my apps rank better in searches naturally and because of that, I got an extra kind of boost in searches long term so actually it was a long term more than 15% so I was amazed in soos ever since then I started you know and you can get really deep into this there's a lot of thick you know neurology like you know brain research into how we react to colours but if you want to keep it simple and practical bright orange bright red bright blue and so you can see this book I still need to get a cover made this is a cover that's like a standard cover from Amazon but you can see this the book I kind of went for bright blue I don't know if we do the trick because maybe the blue is a little too light but that's at least what I was aiming for and let's see you know if you switch for business ideas does it stand outright so these guys are bright this they do this bright red I don't know you tell me does it turns out well that was my goal but I don't know anyway so that's what I do and sometimes what the logo does with these bright colours do if they are made correctly and if they do the trick that they are meant to do what it does is it increases the click-through rate of you know whatever the results are like one two-three but if my product gets a higher click-through than other products not only will I make more sales that's a given but the more important thing is an Amazon or whatever platform you're on it will start to thinking like hey people like this product which is having a higher conversion rate and it will start to rake it higher you see that so the logo not to log the logo the thumbnail you use it actually helps to rank you higher long term so investing in a bright beautiful design the cover it's one of the best investments you can do if the kind of the product you have if it's a book if it's an app it's even a YouTube if people want to take a look at YouTube you know if you know it's business plan app or something like that right and you can see which one stand out it's my thumbnails because I use a lot of blue rights so I have blue and then they stand out and then get a higher click-through rate than other guys right you can notice, by the way, this is my video right this is my video look the colours are planned this is my video right you can see the channel is mine it's the same channel but you can see that the blue stands out so much more it's like a block of bright blue and I don't use AB accident that exists for a reason because all of this help to increase the click-through rate and then the search engines think oh users prefer this thing they're clicking it with more and it brings that item higher so having a beautiful bright logo or thumbnail that stands out in search of priceless.

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