How to write the product description for SEO

How to write the product description for SEO & getting people to buy Part 01

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: Hi there how are you I want to show you exactly how I write that I create the ideal sales page for both SEO and the principle of actually you know that this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy attention interest desire and action okay and I'm gonna show you how to do this with one of the recent successful udemy courses that I created and I created this course a while ago but it wasn't selling well until I really applied all these principles together to it and I looked elsewhere exactly what I did and I really increased sales so this was like a non-selling course and it went to you know he went to selling on a regular basis um so really like multiple hundreds of hundreds of per cent increase in sales and okay so I'll show exactly what I do first it's um SEO right we want to target this is a course on as you can see the course on raising money I had you know here are the keywords that I'm targeting raise money see that fundraising and then I'm targeting things like grants loans investors crowdfunding those are secondary things and I'm doing this not on Google but I'm doing this I'm targeting search on because people will search on udemy we're targeting the keywords that's so we got that so you have the SEO now people so people will certainly find the course so we took advantage of we took care of the discovery okay the discovery people are fine people will discover now once you'll discover this page what I want them to do is click this button right take this course but how do I do that okay here's what I do first of all I have a bright inviting image for the course because that gets the course to stand out when people are searching and you know clicking around other thumbnails so that's one thing then the title the title is something that I played around with for a very long time and I had maybe 20 or 30 iterations of this title this particular title is will do the trick it really did the trick of getting people to stop in their tracks and look into this because it's uh it's a little bit confusing but that's the only the way I can kind of put all these words because you let me limited my number of characters that I could put in there and usually you do not want to be confusing usually that's like death but in this case, it really worked because here's how here's why because 100,000 so anytime you can use figures in your figures percentages dollar signs anything it makes your kind in the sort of like gets extra attention and sometimes builds a little less trust because there's something tangible there instead of like if I said to raise a lot of money what does that mean you know so I actually put some figures in here so and I put two figures in there and that's really what they do the trick I think right because even though I've made things a little confusing like is it hundred thousand in each of the ten ways or 100,000 dollars cumulative but that's good because I actually want the person to get curious and read the description and we'll get into the description in a second but okay so you see I got this you are going here and I got you know I also have raise money now and now he's one of the best things you can do because it's not like a year from now it's not like a month from now it's right now raising money right if you're a business owner that's exactly what you need exactly right okay so and also having a subhead sub-headline this is like a secondary headline really helps and this helps with SEO and with sales so and I kind of reiterate the point right raise it all these raise money in all these different ways okay now here's what I do so there's a lot of students here it's not the most students by any means but it's a quite decent number to show enough social proof that people are actually enrolling and then they have the course has very nice reviews as well so that's very good right so those things are important because look how high up people see the rating right away right so if it was like a three-star course then people wouldn't be discouraged because like what's wrong with this course but if it's a look like five star course 725 people enrolled very nice right and it's a paid thing so it's not like it's a freebie they actually have to pay to enrol so any way we go forward then I show them look the latest update is in November 2014 I'm filming this video in December 2014 so that shows them that it's very new the course is very new and like not I'm sorry, not now it's updated all the time and look I have coming soon so there are more updates so it's not like they're buying something and it's a static thing they're buying something and it's actually kind of involving thing that's gonna become even better over time and they get it then more social proof over 500 students have taken the course I should probably edit this and say over 700 students have taken the course so that's one thing I should actually do and just notice that I gotta raise this number cuz it's 700 now here's the more here's my sales copy that I wrote you see it's very nicely structured there are almost no blocks of text that are too large it's always broken up like this block of text is maybe too large but it's all broken up and it's so each section each little section has its own subheading like personal touch and support who this course is for if you're not sure if this will work for you what happens you know why it's important to take this course and then you kind of you know I understand how you feel you kind of get on the same page with the person, right you're writing through them not it's not some corporate sales page so let's read it and every sentence here has a purpose learn exactly how to raise money for your project and this is a benefit I guess the benefit will be so you can grow your business but this is close enough in a way because right this is what the once they wanna raise money and this course is an educational product will teach them exactly how to do it ok then I'm driving the point home again this course presents over 10 unique an actionable ways to raise money and how to go about raising money using each particular strategy usually, actually you want to keep sentences short and direct this may be a little bit of a too long of a sentence but you see the idea of the sentence was so I imagine I've actually seen no sales copies enough like even though this is pretty this is doing a job for me pretty well going over it as an example for you are actually helping me see some of the flaws in my own thing that I can in my own copy that I can improve because it's actually hard to go over it in that much detail without you know just randomly right even though I have gone over this so many times there are still many problems to find and there's like grammar on grammar things here right so this has a colon this doesn't write and I'm noticing a lot of things like where it's all capitalized but here's some of the words are not capitalized so there are still some improvements that need to be made to even increase this the confirmed conversion higher but but let's stay on course here so this course presents over 10 unique national ways to raise money and how to go on and how to go about raising money using.

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