How to rank almost any product page in Google

How to rank almost any product page in Google to sell more products

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: Alright you wanna know how to make Danny page ranking rule I mean any page except for maybe like some of the most complex niches right okay like let's say this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy I don't know like some super super super super like competitive space maybe you won't rank okay but just about anything else here's how you rank your page for it okay this is what do we know we know that Google likes a certain kind of page okay we'll talk about in a second we know that Google likes links we'll talk about it in a second and we know that would be like social media, we'll talk about in a second if you do these three things around your page it's gonna rain okay and at the end of the video I'll throw in like a little bonus if it doesn't rank do a little bonus thing that will really propel it up so here's how we're gonna do this so let's say you have some page whatever selling your widget gain you want to rank for widget the easiest thing to do well the easiest thing to do is on page stuff right you want to have followers maybe a video or maybe you know obviously obviously you want to have a good title description tag that goes without saying you know keyword research show that he works have to be right all that this is more what a dance video so I'm going to skip like the very basic stuff right you know it's gonna have a bunch of text and words and pictures and different kinds of media right maybe like I said maybe video right let's say you're gonna have all that you put add some links now number two dollars so those were the very basics now number two add some links from your other relevant pages to this page okay that's link building but you don't have to build so many outside sites because that's harder the easier way to do it is to link to this page from your other pages where it's natural and not overdo it but certainly maybe one or two or three and then wait a month or two later add a couple more and see how your ranking and see how you're boosting your so do those links now you if you want to build links into that page let's say it's a product page and let's say you get some kind of publicity or any kind of get some publicity right for this thing let's say you're you were talking let's say you're getting interviewed on the podcast or something you always want to mention that product because guess what they'll ask you for the link to that product okay so you'll be naturally building links to that product okay now this is the hardest part of everything to achieve because you've got you know you've gotta do getting press you know people have to take interested in the product this is probably the hardest piece of the puzzle don't worry it's not the most necessary you're okay even if you don't have this but certainly, continuously think how you get if you get people to link to your site, one of the ways to get links into any page is by brute force let's say you contact and you can hire a virtual assistant to do this let's say you hire them and you say find me the top hundred blogs I've covered my industry ask like literally ask to send an email asking you know met with a nice template everything, obviously nice pitch asks for a link ask for review maybe ask you know for product review anything because of the product the review comes with a link right send them the freebie it comes with a link you know their blog post right so you get a few links okay now here's the important thing and it's something you can repeat over and over and over you want to Share this on social media this is really one of the keys to the puzzle share this on social media Twitter Facebook Linkedin Pinterest stumble upon and don't just share get other people to really share they asked some friends to reshare it your mother your grandmother your sister your friends friend one friend to friend three like retweets favourites share of whatever the platform it gets do it right engage engage engage another thing you can do that's a little more advanced is you can kind of let's say you want to rank so let's say you want to make some page right I was gonna say a YouTube video but let's just stable pages what you want to try to do is maybe write in the article and do some kind of article spinning for that article no this article wouldn't be I mean it wouldn't be you'll be on somebody's third-party site and it wouldn't damage your science by any chance but it would just link to your product page right so you're not article spinning your page your article spinning the link the article the links to your page so that your actual page has no risk because it's all done off-site but the link that links to you gets a little stronger possibly so that's one thing you can do that actually does work for some people they report but it's a little too advanced you might not need this let's get back to sharing on social media okay on social media if it's all about the real sherry okay it's all about the view sharing and it's all about the views because if you look at YouTube a large ranking factor is the views and the engagement on the page now Google doesn't SEO doesn't tell you about with them measuring use but I bet you if they measure YouTube views I bet you that the views on you know a web page I bet you they rank that by weight should they track that as much as possible right because they are able to track track that with a high degree of certainty probably not much per cent but with a high degree of accuracy a mystery sharing right and you can do they be sharing all the time like what I usually do is I published some piece of content okay I share it once I check where it's ranking I come back to that couple weeks later I'm like okay share the crazy again and you can buy extra sharing right you can buy people to share you on Twitter with like thousand people with like a million people's account you know with the forum accounts which have a many people you can get people to you know share your Facebook from pages that have a million people or something like that right and then you can be all purchased really cheaply try fibre comm five it's a very very popular site for only five bucks you can get this and if you can get your page to rank I said especially a self page it will make that money back in a pretty short time so that's how you rank almost any page right make sure the odd cut on-page stuff is great in turning your existing pages because that's easy to build some links into that page from the outside world outside sites and then social sharing like crazy and maybe amplify the social sharing with maybe buy some extra social sharing and if you do this over time oh boy your stuff will rank now let me get you that extra the thing I promised okay you this is the issue of intent and intent is all about if a person searches for a widget they won't you know they if they don't find a page that is talking about widgets or sells widgets they're gonna just back out of whatever things they're clicking on and keep scrolling right so one thing you want to do is make sure that your page really is a good match for the key terms you ran for today what people find you it really matches their intent and then they stay on your side they browse and that's really a positive sign to Google okay as opposed to if they leave if they back out of your site Google would be like okay that's a sign that that's not a good match for that search right so make sure that whatever you are selling is really a really good match for that search that you're targeting and you can also take engagement by hiring virtual assistants to do this for you right they search they navigate they find your page maybe on page three or something they click on your page and they do a lot of stuff on it and they don't press the back button so Google thinks oh this is a very positive signal vista good page for this search let's rank it higher right so that's something you can do to also boost your SEO and get a page to rank better.

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