How to promote your book on Amazon

Best Ways To Promote Your Book On Amazon

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: Hey guys how are you in this video I'm gonna show you how to get incredible publicity and I'm gonna give you an example of how a person did it with with Kindle books this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy but you can replicate this across many different kinds of products not all but many and I'll explain the winning strategy here so first I'll show you what I did and then I'll show you what one of the top top top top people who got one of the top top results did and I'll explain the differences and strategies and how you can employ those strategies so first of all I'll show you this is my analytics page for my Kindle sales as you can see I did two Kindle promotions these are for free books and the reason you would do free ebooks is of course that we need to free Kindle promotions um if you saw enough free promotion freaking those freaking free copies of your Kindle book then it helps your ranking in Amazon and then in search ranking and then hopefully you know you then leads to more sales when the book becomes paid again and you can do this I've you know five days every five days out of every 90 days on the Kindle app stores and so I did actually two different promotions for two different books this was one book I thought I did pretty well what I did here is I posted my when the book became free I posted on a few coupon sites that is free and he got propelled to be number I think it was number one and he didn't category that day and then it was very good so I achieved what I wanted and then I took it down in this in the middle of the second day I kind of stopped the free promotion and then so I thought this was good you know I thought a hundred eighty five downloads as you can see wasn't too shabby and then I did another promotion which got me as you can see 724 and then 706 downloads in one day which was really good far better than my previous promotion and what I did here was I posted on a lot of coupon sites any that I could find then I emailed the offer to my mailing list then I sent the offer to my enemy students because it was free so people were very welcoming to it and then I contacted other udemy instructors to see if they would promote it to their students then I contacted contacts I know to see they were promoted to their list as you can see I did a lot right and you know also people so peeps of peeps to make my business contact promoted to their list I also went to different Facebook groups of like free for free Kindle stuff for free Kindles and other children or groups I posted it people downloaded I also went to LinkedIn groups same thing I posted on the group's people downloaded so I gave myself a pretty good I'm sort of burst out of the gate and I'm taping this in the morning of this day so you can kind of tell that right is the morning and actually that first that I did it was all this day and this day fueled the second day also because most of the downloads which came on November 12 here actually came in the morning and it kind of tapered off so I don't think this day is gonna be nearly as good as these previous days but so this is not the best promotion by any means but it's quite reasonable because I'll show you the results so I took a screenshot um this is this is the screenshot of my book the one that I was promoting and the important thing here actually this screenshot is from a little bit wrong timing so you can see I'm number one in the Kindle Store for starting a business because the book is about starting a business so you can see I'm number one for sending a business and you can see I'm not number one in the Kindle in the category of startups I was also in that this isn't the best time screenshot but I got as high as something like 260 so I was number 260 out of all the free Kindle books that day on the Kindle and this is not just business this is like business fiction nonfiction how-to every book any book you know competing with some of the top million dollar bestsellers right so I was pretty good and so that's those results now let me explain to you now I'll show you another book that coincidentally you know I did a promotion but that particular book launched on that same day that I did my promotion and I'll show you that book this is my book and I'll show you this so this is the book I have never read this book I don't know what's inside it but I know how the person promoted it because they post on some of the same forums that I post and what they did is take a look carefully so this guy I know that he got over 10,000 downloads maybe even more than that or this just his first day and you can see that look at his categories he's number 1 for his categories as you can see but he's also number 5 in all of the Kindle Store all of it like this is every possible free book that day he's number 5 so this is pretty incredible when he came when you consider that he's competing at the entire world and he achieved this in just one day I mean just one day so you want this too okay so here's what he did and this is the strategy that you really want to think about and strategize for even before you start writing your book or making your product so here's the strategy you see how he says he interviewed 75 successful entrepreneurs do you see that this is the key to his success because whenever he interviewed those entrepreneurs I'm certain they had this kind of a conversation hey when my book comes out would you mind sending it to your list right just like you know that I sent my book ads you know to my lists my email lists my udemy list all those other successful entrepreneurs they sent it on the day of the launch they sent it to their list do you see how that works because they have incentive to promote it because they're in the book and probably the heaven after being interviewed they developed a nice business relationship with this author so I'm sure they promoted it right and those guys they're probably interviewed some of the top top top entrepreneurs and those guys each of them has a larger list than I have right so you can imagine how much of a boom how much of a boost then gave him that really helped him to propel him to the top of the rankings that quickly and so this is what you have to do is highlight a lot of other people who are successful and who have large like marketing sort of wherewithal or ability and that way you promote them all make the most in a good light and package it all up in one sort of book or product or anything else and make and turn each of those in hitting disk in this person's case it's 75 people turn and they're really really powerful people to earn 75 powerful people into marketers for you on the same day in the same hour and this is how you get incredible publicity that is far bigger than if he was like on TV it's part this is probably bigger than I think he was TV on TV this is bigger this is better results than if he was like on TechCrunch this is better results if he was you know like Allah you know like this is a really really really huge launch bigger than many things you could imagine and I'll tell you I don't know I don't know if the book is any good this is the funniest part because we don't know the book is any good right um it's like you know I don't want to say it's bad I don't wanna say it's good you can also see that a lot of this person's contact right they gave him also like so this is just day one I think this is I think I'm taping this one day two of his launch they couldn't have possibly read this book right it's like 200 pages you can see right so a lot of the people they also helped him with reviews so not here's like amazing reviews which is really smart strategy as well so this is something that you should think about you may not be able to replicate this because this is pretty pretty incredible results you have to build an incredible network just to have even close to the potential of this but you can come you can do something close to it or you can approximate what this person did and it the best if you if you if you copy what I did for my launch because that's something anyone can do and plan something like this person did where he really amplified things with by highlighting other powerful people so you get publicity to others they give it back to you it's a nice cycle so try to do the strategy as you can see it works unbelievably well.

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