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Build an audience and a following, and sell to them long-term

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April 30, 2020

Video Transcription: When we sell anything notice how we're always talking about selling on other platforms where there are people maybe it's Amazon maybe it's a big brick and mortar store something right this video was brought to you by Appy Pie Academy [Music] well kebab leader worth the tables what I line is to build your own audience this can be your email list this can be a podcast or a YouTube channel subscriber base anything where you can continuously consistently build an audience because guess what if you build an audience it constantly grows but it's somewhere where you can constantly sell your products too right let's say you have a new feature release on your product first thing you do go back to your go right to your audience your user audience tells them oh you're doing another promotion boom send it to your audience another promotion right it says inform your audience because if they are already following you they already sort of probably have some affinity towards you they're familiar with your brand and they actually opted in to following you and getting more of a content and guess what they are so much easier to sell to then random people usually because they already into what you're doing they already have this familiarity and trust so always think about how you can build your own audience because it's if you get to be able to grow it to be big enough like let's see if the YouTube channel or the podcast and Digg email list then it's kind of like getting publicity every day for free it's that sort of a you know equivalent especially if maybe people are finding you to search quite a bit every day you get new people finding you through search every day you're getting this tremendous publicity where in any other scenario you'd be sort of begging whatever that large platform might be to get that exposure so from the beginning from early stages try to build your audience because it can really go a long way.

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