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Something to consider when buying domains/hosting

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March 05, 2020

Video Transcript: In this video I want to talk about the difference between buying your domain and hosting from the same website versus buying your domain and hosting from two different websites if it's from the same website it's harder sometimes to get a discount except for when it's Bluehost and it's for your first domain any first web site then it's free so it's obviously the best but after that sometimes maybe you have hosting that stays on Bluehost but you maybe found a cheaper domain on GoDaddy calm because they have a lot of coupons out there online what's the difference so the difference is you have to transfer this domain you have to connect it with that hosting so you have to have another step that's you're gonna have to email sometimes you can do it on your own I usually totally forget how to do it because I do it maybe once every one to three years and so I I by the time I figure it out I already forget the next time I do it because it's so rare that I have to buy a new domain and connect it to my hosting so for that reason I just bombard their tech support of their all my domain company and my hosting and and it takes like a once they walk you through it that's actually really easy but you you what I want to tell you is that there is a step to connect them and my recommendation is just that you just email the tech support and have them walk you through how to change the settings so that your domain when people go to your domain it actually gets connected to where you host your website which are two different businesses that you have so they have to be able to talk to each other and that's what you have to consider when you're buying domains from the same company or from two different ones.

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