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Sido and bido

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March 05, 2020

Video Transcript: In this video I want to share with you a couple of other sites to sell domains and whereas eBay is sort of a like a mainstream website so that everybody knows these sites are sites that generally are used by people who are in the domain industry the first one is Seto and this is for now I'll tell you that basically this is just where you can try to sell your domains later in an upcoming lecture I'm gonna explain to you how you can actually park your domains you see this by park um in so we'll talk about parking in a second in the next and in an upcoming video so there is C though and by the way I'll also have the links to these in the resources section of this video and also there is C though and B doe or by though I don't know how to pronounce it by though it's kind of cool because right on the home page but you can see what's selling and I've been browsing so for example you can see like ticket pool calm which is I guess would be a ticketing website you can you know the bidding is already at 116 dollars and you can buy it for 149 so that if you bought it for like a dollar or ten dollars that would be a nice profit and depending on what your financial goals are many people they can live on that per day or even if you sell a few a day so for example us SPI us not even sure what that is it's sorta memorable and guess that's the only value is a 4-letter domain but it's a dot us four-letter domains comm they're very they're very expensive but the dot us is not so but still you can you know these people already getting it up to 20 bucks oops I just press something and you can see how this works well another one you can see how that works and just want to see find another one aka cute doesn't mean anything but that info and it's like this price so you can see that some of the things here are really bad domains and they're still selling so if you find really good premium domains you can sell it pretty pretty for pretty good price sometimes and if you use all the sites like Flippa this one see though beedo and eBay and get the best price you can you can sell them for really nice profits every day.

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