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How do i find unlimited fantastic domain names Part 2

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March 05, 2020

Video Transcript: And then I came up with you know I kind of want to change something right you know so let's say change one let's see what happens here when I was doing my original search one word that came up this was C version might be cool I mean it says the revolution is too bold of a and it has too many connotations and it's a little bit too negative maybe but something like you know you start getting into these kinds of words right and what happens is I liked I found the idea the word eventually the word breakout right because it kind of felt like you know if you're in a situation and it's not good you know whatever the social situation is maybe it's like environment isn't good or maybe some kind of political thing and you want to change it right so I think a slightly more aggressive ways you know the breakout right it's a little bit more mysterious like how are we gonna break out how we're gonna make me change things like that so and then I started to look for you know what kind of a breakup right well total breakup so let's see so total breakout actually the last time I checked total it wasn't taken last time I checked see it's available and it's not a terrible brand right for an edgy let's say podcast you can easily say hey welcome to the total breakout show blah blah blah blah blah so if we sort of roll off your tongue and it would be a very unique podcast in the list of podcasts and I think it may get some attention right like just basic basic human curiosity from this title so this was one of the things I started throwing around and by the way look at this domain name fantastic domain name right two English words that aren't too long.

That make sense together it looks like you could have paid money for this right so we're getting close there's other words you can attach to this right see see this is the magic here of finding the main names because because I'm shooting for my own brand right so we started with the brand and because we started with the brand the combinations of English words they are beginning to like normal as thought in this way right no one's taking this path of thinking to come up with these you know usually people sort of just come up with the main names I did domain name ideas managers you know randomly think of things right but we actually had a process where we you know we follow the path how do we could kind of be closer and closer you know describe a brand describe an idea right so we actually are and because we're after an idea that combinations of words they're relatively unique and people haven't really grabbed them right so there's there's a ton of these that are available now because it's a total breakup right now if I to do something like sharp breakout right well you know it's an idea it's a brand and I think not a lot of people have thought this way right so you go boom this is also available right so that was the first one was talked about completely even this is available right what if we do a rapid breakup right so you can see how up once we follow the brand right once we follow their idea all the domains are immediately available right it's amazing you know usually all the domains will be taken because you know usually when you search for com domain names they're taken and this is not to mention you know if something like let's say this wasn't thinking right you can always add like little fun words to the end pop or hop or skip or whatever like I don't know little funny endings right there's a million of these little funny endings.

They kind of if you're in a very crowded space where there are not a lot of domains available you can start adding those to the ends of your URLs meaning to maybe find something that it's unique here it stops making sense it doesn't make sense to break out pop but you know one time I I I found the main like it was about exercise and obviously this is a very very crowded niche but I did something like exercise pop and I think the person took it you know you know for exercise it's really cool like and I don't know if I was that it was I don't know if it was exactly this domain name but you basically can add this little fun sounding syllables to anything and then it just makes them super available right this is probably taking well exercise you right so just um you know and it has the word exercise in it and it's almost entirely work exercise to people so it's like pretty cool right I don't know if this is a great domain name but it's incredibly close to just exercise and if you're like a trainer or if you're in health and fitness this will be not a bad domain name for you to have right a lot of people would be hard-pressed to find such a great almost exact match to exercise so how about maybe we'll play around with this a little bit exercise and you can add a word like what's a fun word for example I know we're going off my example that I wanted to go originally but this is a really cool live example as well how about exercise not I don't know I don't know this is gonna be available but it's certainly a funny one no that's taken [Music] and you can just brainstorm anything look around the room look for words look for ideas and soon the combinations of words will come to you how about if it's exercise for the lazy you can have exercise dish let's see let's see if it's gonna be available that's pretty cool this is a really fun domain right it would be a really cool brand for like you know if you were like exercise like really if you're selling exercise top things to people who hate exercise exercises they would love it right because they can they right away they would get it.

They would be like oh it's for people who are like kind of into the exercise it's exercise ish right so you see how easily you can find really fantastic brands that are also domain names if you start with the idea of looking for our brand right you see that and you can find anything and I found this from getting back to my thing then I started playing around with the word controversy right so I found this from from my own podcast stirring controversy it's a little long but it's two English words that are together and it's like it makes sense and you know it's like people who come across and they kind of get a sense right away what if you play around with this further and we play introversive ich Kenne Shaffer yeah this is too long and awkward so this wouldn't be good but controversial ish it's gotta be available because it's a little bit dumb but how about country yeah you can add the word fun to anything right so controversy fun let's see if that's available I bet that's available yeah that's available so I don't know this is a good brand controversy fun but you see how it's probably when you search for the main name they're all taken or they're all very expensive but you see when I'm searching for the main names it's it's as though they're all available you see that and the only difference is that you've got to go from the concept from the idea and then you'll find any domain name now I'm gonna tell you that I haven't settled right now so right so as of yesterday my most favorite domain was stirring controversy but I haven't really settled on it and I don't know if I will and I'm not sure if total breakout or sharp breakout is better or certain controversies better you know every time I lean one way I take a break and then I think the other one is better right so so maybe I'm saying I still need to myself be searching but you can see how you can get extremely close really fast but you should certainly not jump in because if you jump in you probably are gonna miss something that could be even way better so patience here is a virtue and you don't have to hold up your own that your entire project you know by having to wait days for the domain name all you really have to do is just start looking for the domain name early once you have an idea for your brand if you're still planning your business in parallel start looking for domains right it might actually give you some ideas for where you take your brand but that's besides the point so I think now you understand exactly how to find the main names right it's a creative process but there's some but there's a little bit of structure to it there's a little bit of good practices to it and if you combine the creativity with the playfulness with the structure you're gonna end up with an awesome awesome awesome domain name everybody's gonna be jealous of your domain name they're gonna ask you how much you got it for they're gonna be jealous because their domain name is probably stupid and yours is easy to spell a fantastic brand easy to remember and your customers will love it and they'll be like wow that's a cool domain name that's a cool brand I'm curious I want to take a look more so that's what you want and that's how you're gonna get it if you follow this kind of a process.

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