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How do i find unlimited fantastic domain names Part 1

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March 05, 2020

Video Transcript: I want to show you how to find domain names dot-com domain names that look like you paid thousands of dollars for them and you actually are gonna pay either the bare minimum like you know seven dollars or twelve dollars whatever the website will charge you or even get it for free because you know sometimes when you get a hosting from God from Bluehost or some other hosting companies they sometimes give you a domain name so you know this is gonna be cool so essentially you might not get a free domain name which looks like you know other people might pay thousands of dollars for something similar and I'm gonna walk you through the process it's not an easy process and it's not a process that you can replicate step-by-step because there's gonna be a lot of creativity that I'm gonna show you that's gonna go into it and it's not a quick process either it's gonna take you a little bit of time mainly because you don't want to rush in if you see something attractive there's always something better out there and you always want to kind of sleep on it right you always want to sleep on your own you know on the domain name that you saw because maybe tomorrow you look at it again from a different angle and you'll reconsider you'll think oh maybe it's not so great so now let's get started so what do we need for this the way I do this is I open up a tab with a thesaurus because you're gonna constantly want to go through many many ideas and I open up a tab I use this is not for buying necessarily the domain name this is just for seeing if the domain name is available right you know so they have a tool it's very easy you click hello calm obviously is gonna be taken well let's see just for a fun it is taken well yeah easy easy to guess that sometimes it's actually fun to see.

If it's not taken how much they will want to charge you because the premium the very good domains they can be thousands of dollars of course I'll show you have a gay premium looking domains that the look and feel just like premium domains but don't cost as much I'll show you how to find those but that'll be in a little bit so now that we have the tools these are essentially the tools that we need personally I like to use a couple of sheets of paper or if you have a whiteboard whiteboard is okay but I actually also like to brainstorm on that white piece of paper I wish I can show that on this screen but I actually did this for the piece of paper half half of the time and what I do is now these are the tools that you need now here are the mental tools that you need what I do is I conceptualize the brand that I want to create because remember here we're gonna have a very very very professional incredible brand that we're gonna get right so your brand is your domain name right so you're not just when you're looking at this as a professional as like you know if you want to get an A level if you want a level results then the domain that you get should be also you know it should be a great brand as well right so usually you know the good practices for domains are you know memorable easy to spell hopefully English words obviously available to buy and you know many things like that right but there is some higher level concepts as well and that's gotta be the brand that you want to go after so let's talk about what brand you're gonna aim for and I'm going to give an example of the brand I am currently trying to create because I'm currently in the process of starting a small hobby project and we're gonna I'm gonna walk you through how I'm gonna create a dad brand and that's gonna be in a second now I'm just gonna give you a little bit of a background so the brand is something that's not not too specific because your strategy will change many times and you don't want to get stuck with something too specific right because the brand will constrain you let's say like you know in the past I had um a website that's I still have it it's still live but I don't really use it that much come hike calm.

It was about hiking so come hike I said you know let's go hiking right well I have the word hike in there and by the way come hang calm it's also a very not a bad domain name right very - two words that you don't kind of go well together in English language it's fun it's inviting easy easy to spell actually you will laugh but even with that domain name people still used to make a mistake they used to say oh is it go hike no I think come back so sometimes people you know you care about your website and your brand but customers they don't care and they're busy and they forget so no matter how easy you think it's going to be for them to remember they're always gonna forget our mess it up so the easier the better right okay so so the example of come hike the hiking was in the brand right so if ever I wanted to expand into like mountain climbing or you know tracking or you know or in anything or running well it wouldn't make sense anymore right so even though that was not a bad domain name that brand had some reach because of that domain it restricted the brand right so that's why a lot of times when you see brands they are very general and what's good about them is even though they are general they give some hint of what you're gonna encounter so you know there's gonna be a little bit of a hint of the general business area in which that brand operates in but it's not gonna be too specific right but it should still be memorable and you know not easy to say easy to remember all those things right so this is something that we're gonna look for in the domain also very important you're gonna have to if once you find it'll main that you like and it's gonna be a good URL it's gonna be a good brand for you the next thing to check and we won't do it here because I have a whole separate course for this is you're gonna have to check if it's been trademarked right because well for what happens if you know or Nike that cam is available as a domain name of course they aren't available but let's say for example they could be well they're trademarked right so you couldn't even have that business even if that domain was available so you're gonna have to check for trademarks but that's later because first we actually have to find in the main that we like so so let's start shooting for now I'm going to kind of explain to you the kind of brand that I am going for and I'm going to show you the steps of how I am sort of brainstorming right.

So let me explain to you what I'm actually looking what I'm doing for my own self so I have a sorry I mean if you come across my work you you know that I make a lot of educational materials about how to start a business have good marketing so that's my main niche but you know what I think like most people I want to help do something good for you know social causes and maybe maybe even politics or whatever so I want to start a little hobby project that kind of you know talks a little bit about social change you know you know basically saving the world whatever however you name it you know so you know maybe it would be maybe it would be a little bit of a fun project for me kunos hope maybe you become something big right and so I don't want to be boring right because I want to stand out and I think it's gonna be a podcast and a YouTube channel thing so and because I wanted to stand out so these well actually these are sort of my high level parameters right that kind of a little bit of a stent a little bit of a kind of a brand does stand out a little bit and does hint but this is gonna be about social change it's gonna be unusual it's gonna be improving the world blah blah blah okay so that's the brand I'm going for at a high level now my challenge is to find a very good that makes me look super professional and makes the brand exciting so when people come across let's say if they look for on the web or if they come across in a pod you know when they look for podcasts or YouTube channels that brand should stand out right it should look professional polished and it should have a ring to it okay so I originally wrote on them so my process to find it was so now I'm gonna explain to you the process I used to find it the the what I did was essentially I wrote down on a piece of paper kind of the just started I started to brainstorm and I kind of just you know just wrote down the words that I felt that would describe what I am shooting for right so the first words and I'm by the way every time by the way you don't see it but now I'm reading from that scratch paper that I used that the piece of paper I originally wanted to so I wanted to help things right so I use the word I noted the word smart original people improve world writes very basic I started with those very very basic things and I kind of started to use the thesaurus to make it like to find additional words in by the way just to note this process should take a few days because you kind of want to go through many many many domains in fact I'm gonna show you a few that I'm kind of settling on right now but I'm not I haven't bought them yet because I'm kind of still trying to think through them so so I was kind of going through the rightful for example you know the first things will be obvious like improve the world right and you know first of all this wasn't one of the things that I thought of but let's talk about it as an example first of all it's taken obviously because it's a kind of very common thing second even if it wasn't taken I wouldn't take it because it's too cheesy right it's kind of cheesy it's a bit one and you know what I don't want to be all about improve the world right I mean I kind of am but what if I want to have something edgy or unusual or right so it's it this is a little bit too like I feel like it's a little bit too high school too basic right you wanna go for something a little bit more polished a little bit more edgy a little bit more original and so I like the idea of world so you know that's kind of you know why not so let's see what the you know earth nature of microcosm creation and basically I'm looking for similar things right.

I don't see anything here let's look for something would improve and by the way so I'm gonna give you this this is kind of a shortcut way like I'm gonna give you my results in a second but it literally took me hours and hours of doing this and I'm gonna show you what I but I'm gonna show you what I kind of did what I was aiming for but just just to let you know this doesn't happen in a few minutes or 20 minutes this really happens over time you know I spend a couple of hours maybe an hour here and hour I did an hour they approximately over a few days and my brain sort of got used to the ideas of these brands and when in my off time my brain would still sort of work on this problem and i will sort of just randomly come up with good ideas right so half of the time the domains came to me when I wasn't actually in front of the computer so here we have a lot of words, for example, going back to the example so I like the word progress in hands write revamp made me interesting may be a little confusing words like ameliorating don't do them too complicated you want something simple you know sharp right so I did this for a while.

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