Why People are Key to the Success of Your Business

Determining what you naturally gravitate towards

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November 25, 2020

Video Transcription: Let's talk about another actionable step you can take and that is to sort of over a little bit of time notice what you gravitate towards. This video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy. what do you really think about on your downtime right because when you have downtime in your mind is free it kind of gravitates natural eat or something you want to do towards something you want to think about or something you're passionate about and guess what if you if your business niche is is in that then it will make it so much easier for you to stick with the business niche and with the business because it will it's a natural thing for you you don't have to force yourself it's natural right and it's a business if something gets tough in the business well guess what it's almost not a business because it's already a hobby for you right so he will make it so much easier to kind of stick with it and that stick to witness it's one of the persistence it's one of the top traits of that top ways to tell if a business will be successful is the intrapreneur able to stick with it right and if you're able to if you're passionate about it you are going to be more likely to stick with it because you don't have to force yourself it's natural for you so how do you catch yourself right so first let's talk about you know catch yourself daydreaming when your mind sort of drifts away what do you think about what are the things that make you really excited most of us just let our daydreams go away but what if you had an app where you can like take a little bit of notes and really catch yourself like what are you really excited about how in that daydream what is it about it that made you feel so good maybe and then you can sort of get get to a secret of like what makes you tick what makes you happy okay another thing to do is you know as a one you know over like a one or two week period try to think about when you first wake up what what is your mind gravitate towards you know of course you maybe want to brush your teeth eat a little bit but then you have a little bit of time before you have to get ready for work or whatever what do you do you know what are you interested in do you turn on the TV what channel do you go to the computer what websites do you check gee what do you do you know do you make plans what kind of plans do you make what are you trying to accomplish with those plans for the I mean plans for the rest of the day so catch yourself I also note that right because this is all going to be sort of like a bunch of information which you're going to then send synthesized to see what you naturally are passionate about even if you think you may not be passionate about something same thing when you get home from work what do you do you turn on this do you turn on the TV what are you watching um what do you like to do what do you wish you were doing things like that same thing you know when you're idle even when you're trying to get home from work or something like that if you're on a bus or a train you got nothing to do what would you rather be doing what would you want to be doing and that sort of like wastes these are basic ways to sort of catch yourself and tell and sort of help you determine what are the things that are natural for you and if you find what's natural for you like I said it already it's gonna be much easier for you to stick.

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