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Which Technology To Use To Create Your Website

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February 14, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about how to create your website of course if you're non-technical if you're technical you probably just want to create it yourself in a day or two if it's a simple website so this video is not for you but if you're non-technical you probably have these questions should I do it DIY try to figure it out by myself like usually people figure out weeks or WordPress or even HTML coding and if you choose weeks or WordPress or anything else like which one should you use those are the typical questions that we're going to answer in this video so if you're not a developer there's a very simple answer you should outsource because even if you figure out how to create your WordPress website and you should have a working knowledge of it and you should be able to edit it so play around with it a little bit because you will need to make edits long-term but you're gonna end up spending 10 times the time to create your website and it will still look amateur because you're not gonna know how to customize the themes theme is what they call the design in wordpress and wordpress developer they've done it before your site probably hundreds of times so they'll be able to go in there and if day or a few days they'll be able. They should be able to go in there boom boom boom update everything and make it look nice and professional so if you have a relatively simple site like five to ten pages maybe a blog maybe even you sell a product or two then that that's a wordpress no problem you can also do Squarespace the difference between WordPress and Squarespace is WordPress you're able to customize a lot more and Squarespace it's kind of pre-built and Wix is just another version of Squarespace and I think at the moment of course this probably Squarespace is probably better but I think at the end of the day I would just go with WordPress and that would make your life easier because then you can just hire freelancers and you don't have to worry about the look and feel the content of your site you're responsible for that but the look and feel and the design that's something that is not that that's something that a developer can do for you pretty quickly so if you're deciding Shopify versus wordpress vs. Square says vs. Wix the reason some people use Shopify is for Hevy ecommerce if you have a specifically e-commerce store then of course you want to use Shopify but WordPress also has plugins to help you have e-commerce so you can do that with WordPress as well there's no problem is just Shopify has more robust features centered around ecommerce and then square say square space and Wix they're more like drag-and-drop easy to create the site but the most popular platform and I think over 21% or over 22% or something like that of all web sites on the web they have WordPress underneath so that's probably overall the safest bet. Now I want to clear up one confusion you can get a free domain name like your domain that wordpress.com don't do that you will need hosting and you will need to buy a domain name and there's options to get a free domain name but in this video I just want to make sure that you understand get your own hosting which is usually five to ten dollars a month get your domain name which is usually like a one-time fee a year small fee and you want your name com not your name that wordpress.com your name that wordpress.com looks extremely unprofessional and it's extremely hard to do business that way it is your business just not gonna work because people won't buy from a site like that typically so there's plenty of options like bluehost.com is a popular hosting option even GoDaddy which most people don't like but it's still popular and there's many many options for them they're pretty much a commoditized thing so you'll need a domain name hosting and then on your hosting you would install WordPress as the CMS and then you'd give that to the developer and the developer will just customize the WordPress which is going to be how the website looks to the consumers so that should answer the questions of which CMS you should choose and should you do it by yourself and what to buy.

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