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Niche Example Social Media Contests

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November 25, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I want to show you an example of a client of mine with whom I'm actually working like right now we're in the middle of it and we wanted to do something with social media, and obviously social media marketing is just so crowded so we chose social media contests that's the niche. This video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy. it seems like a tiny niche or it might seem like a still a big niche to you well we went on YouTube and we went on Google and we research like how competitive is it we did settle on social media contests so companies who are on social media contests and that's many companies we are going to give them the right content and we're gonna make my client the influencer that's our strategy and our strategy is something called topic clustering so there may be existing videos on this topic existing let's say maybe even blog posts although right now we're just focusing on video so there may be existing content that has a head start maybe has a lot of views already on YouTube how do we beat them well in Google and in YouTube you can build authority on a topic and by building Authority you will outrank other channels or other influencers or other content creators who maybe just have one or two videos on such a topic so what we did is we decided we're gonna create videos only on social media contests everything possible about social media contests we're gonna cover that and we're now gonna cover much else and so we're gonna have a lot of related content always mentioning in different videos social media contests and such so we're gonna grow thority inside YouTube and that's especially good because one view one viewer can watch many many videos and obviously the more videos they watch the more they like our stuff and then the more they engage further so there if it might be a niche but we're gonna monetize it strongly here are our chosen monetization strategies first of all affiliate marketing right so well there's a lot of software for automating social media tests we're gonna promote that and we're gonna promote like for example if some company doesn't have the time or resources or manpower to run their social media marketing contests then my client is actually going to do that through a freelancing service so we're not just promoting through affiliates we're actually promoting his freelancing services so that he can get hired by them as a freelancer or as an agency and they can pay him to run this for them and he can do this long term and by the way this can turn into much more because if they like his help in the freelancing for social media contest he can start managing their Facebook campaigns Twitter campaigns and they can become his regular client and you only need a few such clients a month to start making good income really good income and then obviously once this grows you can start hiring people and so on and so on and this can actually become a big business the goal is to just retain these clients and have them hire you for more and more services and of course on in of course in our case ongoing contests secondary moniz ation strategies will be through ads and influencer or sponsorships because the idea here is that is that we're gonna make my clients kind of like the go-to guy the influencer and the most authoritative and knowledgeable person about running social media contests and corporate contests and things like that so obviously with that comes a lot of exposure and sponsorship opportunities where brands will want to have themselves promoted on his channel now how do we choose the platform like why was it a blog versus YouTube versus or something else like Instagram well right now blogs are just really hard to promote with SEO you can get traffic to them but it's just really hard to get a lot of traffic so we chose YouTube and we'll turn the content into blogs later so we're not forgetting about the blogs but YouTube is priority number one and it's priority number one to rank for all kinds of keywords like how to run contests software for contests and so on and so on I'll show you that in a second actual channel and you see is just starting out so we only have five videos on the channel and the idea is to make like one video per day and then for the first 30 days and kind of slow down after that this is just you see it's just starting out we're just starting with this there's only 23 subscribers it's literally like five days old so when I tell you we're literally just working on it we're literally just working on it but you see look if you look I'll make it a little bigger and if you look at the titles of the videos see like giveaway rules that's keywords right we're using Facebook Instagram Twitter then we do contest vs giveaways vs. sweepstakes we're trying to rank for all these keywords then this one how to choose the best contest giveaway price and more keywords more keywords how to use contests to improve your SEO and get email subscribers you see more and more keywords we're basically going to end up covering all the potential keywords related to the social media contest space and eventually hopefully rank for all of this so this is going to be a sustainable source of traffic because as long as these videos rank in youtube search they're gonna continue giving him exposure improve his personal brand and this is gonna be lead generation to help him get clients and those clients he basically will have to turn into long-term high-paying clients and if he manages to do all this then he will carve out a niche make himself an influencer in that niche and build a sizable business in that niche all through this strategy and by the way if you're curious I'll link up the channel in the resources section of this video I'll link to this channel so you can take a look yourself and see whenever you watch this you can see what ended up happening after which will actually be very interesting to to see what what ended up transpiring like right now if I click the about page there's only 23 subscribers and 261 total views but it'll be curious when you see it how it will grow because I myself am curious no one knows right I don't know and so let's hope when you see it if there an explosion of subscribers and views.

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