How to make profitable business?

Successful example of starting with a small niche & making a profitable business

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November 25, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I want to give you an example of a successful entrepreneur who chose a relatively narrow niche. This video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy. and then grew out of it and actually it's my friend Steve pea young he is in mobile marketing he started with a podcast a long long time ago just a podcast nothing else since then he built a YouTube channel and since then he created an agency that promotes apps but for a number of years he only did a podcast about app marketing but now look if you want to work with him look just to have an hourly consultation it's $5 per minute rate right so he's a really strong intrapreneur really strong expert in his niche he's made himself like the expert in that niche mobile app store optimization like how to get your app promoted in the mobile app stores like he's one of the go-to guys I actually happen to also be one of the go-to guys so as a colleague and as a peer I really respect what he is doing with his work and that's why I chose to give his example and you can see even like on his YouTube channel it's not the biggest YouTube channel in the world but it only focuses on a specific niche his niche and all the right people are watching it so his audience is captured most people in the industry they know him he's become like a household name in that industry at marketing yeah he's all over YouTube he's got the top podcast for it he's got one of the best agencies for it and so his agency is able to charge high rates he's able to charge high rates for his consultations precisely because he's the most helpful for this kind of thing and for years he's done literally nothing outside of the app world but he boots on like intrapreneur getaways which are just for app intrapreneurs and obviously those little conferences those cost a lot of money to attend his consultations are expensive his app marketing services are high and priced so he's able to make a lot of money from each client and rightfully so because he himself over time has become one of the premier experts in this field and it's a perfect example of how you can take a small niche a relatively small niche and prove it to be not a small niche and really actually make a significant amount of money with that.

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