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How To Get Latest Business Ideas

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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – Congratulations you've completed some business fundamentals and we completed that section so you've leveled up and what I want to do is make sure that you have a business idea so in this section of the course you know if you're coming into this course with an existing idea that's one thing but if you don't have any business ideas I want you to make have the course be practical for you so whether you have an idea or you don't have an idea see this video about how to get business ideas and see there's anything new in here for you so where to look for a ideas really it's your daily life is really good place to start that should you know your work your current work your personal life just be mindful of a few things problems that you encounter things that you see that might need improving do you have something intriguing that you do that's a hobby that's a skill that you can provide to people that they like or is there something useful you can create or maybe you already do and can turn that into a business just think about it with a little bit more mindfulness every day and it's not gonna come to you necessarily in one day but if you incorporate this into how you process everything in your day then ideas will come to you all the time and even further what you want to do is tap into industries where you have experience and education and you want to talk to a lot of people about that industry the well these industries where you have experience in education people who are already in these industries and what I want you to do is kind of just add this to how you see the world how you think about the world ok now you're a fixer of the world now you're an improver of the world and the caveat is that when people are thinking how to improve the world especially first-time entrepreneurs they are trying to they put too much pressure on themselves they try to create gigantic businesses like how to solve all global climate change how to solve all hunger no of course that's only for the best of the best of entrepreneurs and you can grow into that no problem but you don't start there you start with something small and manageable so you can actually implement it and actually launch it makes sense right so don't get ahead of yourself start think small for now because everything small can grow into something bigger it's not like you're limiting yourself you're just giving yourself a reasonable place to start so here's my exercise for you what I'd like you to do is find you know tomorrow go through your day and find five different problems throughout your day if you find more awesome don't limit yourself through five keep on finding problems at least five and keep writing them down get an app you can just take notes on your phone so that whenever you encounter a problem instead of forgetting it you'll quickly know that okay it could be something like the bus is taking too long to get to work okay the bus is taking too long to come and I have to wait on the bus stop for too long the ads on the bus stop are too annoying and too untargeted for me okay so there's a ton of problems you don't notice them because you probably ignore them but there's a ton of problems even within that your commute to work there's a million now you probably can't solve them but maybe you can solve parts of them who knows this has just come up with the problems and then come up with three solutions for each so for example if you are waiting for the bus for too long then obviously some cities have started implementing like GPS so you can be told when the next bus is coming you can have entertainment more entertainment options for when before the bus comes you can maybe take carpools okay so maybe there are so many solutions you see and you just have to come up with them now all of these things are not really things you can solve necessarily but that's only a fault of the mindset if you think about it long enough you will come with new and creative solutions it's always like that it's just hard sometimes so right now you got five different problems come up with at least three different solutions but you know when you start thinking creatively you can keep on coming up with solutions do not limit these are just the bottom this is just at least three at least five but you can do more and then as you go through the course always keep adding to your list of problems and always keep lighting to your list of solutions and I'm gonna continue to give you thinking points of how to evaluate your ideas of course one way is to talk to experts another way to talk to your peers another way is to think is there a lot of money I can make in this are the customers lucrative how can I promote this these are things we're gonna cover later so you see I'm gonna give you a lot of tools with which to evaluate your business ideas but eventually you have to tip your you know dip your toe in the water so to speak and you've got to start somewhere and eval you know these solutions just your job is to eventually pick a small solution for a niche you know for like a subset of a problem so that you can actually create it and provide it and promote it because guess what that's going to give you an A to Z experience of creating a business and if there's potential for that business to grow great but if you there isn't then guess what you've already have a minor success under your belt and you're ready for something bigger you'll know how to what to do when you encounter all the other problems so this exercise is actually invaluable because it's actually gonna so to speak get you in the game it's not gonna be making it's gonna take you out of theory and make things more practical for you so that you will start learning very important things that are actually useful.

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