How to find good domain name

How To Find Good Domain Name

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November 25, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about how you can choose a good domain name for your business it's very important because it's your brand and it's very often the very first thing people see about your business even before they come to your site when they choose to click on it or not from somewhere on the web. This video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy. so people think you can't get a good domain name but you can still get plenty of great good com domains what you should try to do is keep it relatively short two to three syllables if you go longer it's okay it's not the end of the world but you should make an effort to stay short on it and usually there they should be English words that are easy to spell I say usually because what if you have an international business or a non-us business then of course you don't need English words but generally you want words that are simple and easy to spell and easy to remember because people will forget everything I used to have a website come hike calm about hiking come hike calm I thought it was so easy to English words two syllables impossible to forget I thought and then people would forget all the time they would be like go hiking what is it is it go hike so so then I realized oh my god people will forget to make it as easy as possible for people and of course give hints about your brand it doesn't have to be exactly what the business is but at least a little bit of a hint to it and of course before you get your domain you want to check social media handles and existing trademarks to make sure that that name that you're thinking about is not trademarked some people ask what about getting exact match domain exact match domain are like let's say if you're selling shoes your domain would be and so when people search for shoes your site would have a much higher chance to come up in Google because it's obviously the domain is shoes the searches shoes and so especially earlier on like ten years ago fifteen years ago the exact match domain used to rank amazingly well in search and they were very very popular of course it's very hard to even get an exact match domain for something very lucrative but it's still possible at times is it worth while it still makes a difference but it also has some problems because if you need to change direction later then your exact match domain will restrict your brand flexibility because that same exact example come hike com if I wanted to expand into camping or skiing it would be hard because the name hike is right there in the domain so if I had named it come do outdoor stuff that's too long but you see to just I get more I did it more generalized like outdoor then of course camping and skiing would be all under that so exact match domains they do help now a tiny bit for SEO but they also restrict your brand so it's a decision if you aren't sure that your business is going to be exactly the same in the future you might want to stay with a more general brand and that goes for your domain because specifics they just decrease your flexibility and what you want to do is of course stay away from that net that biz that info and even sometimes that Co I know that Co are popular now but a lot of consumers outside the tech world they're not sure about this dot zero and they're always going to ask is it that Co is it calm you don't want the domain to be distracting from your core business you want to get to the more important things and one caveat is country-specific domains are ok so in France would be that fr in UK it will be that Co that UK there are far more domain names available with those extensions then dot-com so it's easier to get a great domain of course that's only if you're doing a business in France or in you can if you're doing a us-based business don't don't make sense anymore now let's talk about what not to do don't put numbers in your domain don't put hyphens like this example XYZ - ABC hyphens are just weird don't violate trademarks this would be a trademark violation and Facebook would come after you like Facebook or comm is an example right it's it's I'm sure you can't get that domain anyway but if you could don't so you always want to check if you're infringing on Houston trademarks there are ways to check on your own you just google around for it this course is not about checking for trademarks but you should definitely google how to check for trademark it's very simple trademarks are publicly available information and you can just find if something is trademarked and don't rush into a domain a lot of people think oh if I don't get it now people people will buy it most of the time that's not true take a while before you decide because you'll be stuck with it for a long time if you get it wrong so get a lot of feedback on your domain get a lot of opinions and only buy a little later so let yourself kind of think about it and avoid weird spellings because people just won't remember that and every time people forget or they feel confused they're gonna feel bad about themselves and feel stupid and just not do business that just causes them kind of to go away or not engage so this easier you can make things for people the better always now buying domains you can get your domain name your first domain name for free if you buy hosting on Bluehost calm they have that perpetual good offer all the time or you can get a very cheap domain on GoDaddy calm if you google for like GoDaddy discount coupons there's a ton of active coupons so you can get a discounted domain name for a dollar or two or something like that so buying them is no problem so that's essentially how you go about shopping for domain and researching your domain and getting the right one now I'm actually on GoDaddy calm and I'll show you how I would look for a domain there are many many better places where you can look for a domain and domain suggesters but they're a little bit outside of the scope of complexity of this video this is just a beginner introduction so what you would do is like let's say you have some idea for a business maybe it's a coaching business so you would do strong coaching calm you would really literally type that in here and they will tell you if it's available you see they say it's taken so they tell you all these other ones are available like they give you suggestions write strong coaching services ok you know it's it's it's a boring sounding domain name but it's clear so it's not terrible I wouldn't buy it though but it's passable and you would see you Brow's here don't get any of this mobi Club nothing that side don't get any of this but if you have anything like calm suggestion suggested like strong coaching in strong coaching center okay like if that resembles what you're doing then sure that you will get that domain but then you can just keep searching instead of strong coaching you made me look like epic right so you would just try different words of course that one is taking a lot of the domains around coaching are taking but if as long as you play around and you maybe use am thesaurus would give you ideas for different keywords and you try like one or two terms like epic coaching strong coaching and then you'd get into like something interesting now here's an example that I just found randomly now this violates a lot of our rules so I would not recommend this per se but here's the sky's the limit coaching it's quirky and fun which is good but it's a little too long and it's too many words and it sounds awkward so I would not get this but you can see how you can play around with the prefixes and suffixes you can take out the sky's the limit and you can say dream coaching of course this will be taken but you will just play around playing play around play around and you would always keep trying and eventually you'll stop stumble into some interesting domain names this is a process that takes time but over time maybe days keep playing around keep thinking and keep being creative so even as I'm thinking I thought of like oh but are you coaching and I typed it in here and it was taken but still it's an idea so I keep getting these ideas and eventually you'll stumble into clusters of terms around which domains are not taken and then as long as they fit the rules we outlined you can grab one and they will represent your brand well and they'll be professional.

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