How to find a niche for affiliates

Thoughts about finding a niche for affiliates

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November 25, 2020

Video Transcription: So many of the people that I have these conversations with about using their business niche happen to be in the affiliate marketing enterprise and what happens there to the marketing. This video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy. a lot of people they hear about like some guy making a lot of money like oh you know work from home it's great travel make a lot of money from home and they're like okay I want to do this too but they the only thing they want to do is like push products and some people and have that those people buy them and generate revenue right so there's nothing there's no really business idea here it's just they want to get into the space right and if you lose marketing is one of the really cap top things it actually happens to work but for the one or two top percent and many people that I talk to they kind of they want to jump in there that's true how that whole business idea business ninja conversation right so the business idea is essentially affiliate marketing business niche is sort of like well what kind of products are you going to be promoting hey that's tricky because what happens is inevitably you have to build an audience right to sell to in and this is an affiliate marketing but this really applies to any business right so you're gonna have to build an audience right this is really key like either a lot of people I talk to they're missing because whatever products you sell can't just tell it to like drove from the street right you have to sell it to somebody who would want it so you have to have a product line that you're promoting or a single few product or you know just a few products or a lot of products but within a certain area that you are audience the people that you are able to draw absolutely interested in is there's no way they want to buy stop that they don't wanna buy and so you guys used in each right and there's a couple of you know lucrative initiatives that people go to an affiliate marketing travel you know electronics financial products things like that some software in my case I sell things like web site hosting I went to a reseller for that it works for me you know because my audience is intrapreneurs right they need a website so it works I a lot of people ask me about you know how to get a business loan so I have affiliate offers that I promote that way but it's really because my audience wants it not because one day I was sitting and I was wondering like oh how can I make money oh let's help people um and that wasn't that wasn't how I did it right I did it the other way where people came to me with questions and if enough of them came to me with questions and there was gonna be a way for me to provide value to them but also make a little money from it why not right so it for me it was building an audience first entrepreneur guardians and then telling them promoting to them affiliate products so you know just a kind of a warning for affiliates don't just dig something random and then post a bunch of them on your site and then hope that people will come because that's a challenge right what you gotta do the smart way to do this is find the way you know find the focus area and make sure that you're able you're going to be able to get traffic in the traffic and then once you have a good traffic that wants certain products you know it's curious about a certain thing then you can find a way to absolve them these affiliate offers but not the other way around right so that's just a note for affiliates because I have these with people who are feeling quite getting all the time so that's just if you know the in the affiliate niche that's I'm going to think about.

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