advantages of mobile apps for business

Advantages Of Mobile Apps For Business

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November 25, 2020

Video Transcription: You know but again if you look at this right. This video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy. is a nutrition right look at the top ten you know nutrition that God number one no idea what this is some news Wikipedia nutritional org that gah this is a very these are very big see Harvard economist wired so basically you can you can look at the search right and you can see that all the major all the top ten what really matter some people like to look at how many total results there are and there are quite a few results here but really what matters at the top ten because almost you know like ninety percent of the people don't go beyond the top ten so really you need to be in the top ten and as you saw here I mean there is no room in the top ten it's all either Wikipedia or government websites or education websites like your so Harvard I mean you're not gonna be Harvard you know no matter how much SEO you do you're gonna have a very hard time and even here you have a wired article I mean it's very hard because these are these are all either government institution big education institution or million dollar companies or multi-million dollar companies so you see you can just easily check so you're gonna have to go of course niching down you're gonna have to niche down and choose a sub niche with the nutrition but here and you can use the keyword ideas to sort of maybe get some things that people you know search for and the demand is you know you can see the man drops off quite a bit because for other things like you know just nutrition had a relatively big sort of number but the numbers really drop off as soon as you can use down and um generally this is just for ideas because this is only for search okay but your business may not necessarily depend on search okay so just looking at search is a little bit too narrow and that's why I personally mmm it's you know for me it's a very iffy strategy I had one student who suggested this and that's why I'm adding it to the lecture but the problem with this is that SEO isn't the only way you get traffic you can get traffic from publicity from social or viral kind of sharing from recommend from professional recommendations from you know many like different social media right so depending on what your niche is and what your business is that will dictate how much that will dictate what kind of marketing you will do and so the search volume may or may not be relevant at all okay so it's so it's not right to look at the search volume in a large sense it's kind of like putting the carriage before the horse you know you don't really know what the business will be yet you know so you search volume isn't really you know you kind of want to verify that there's some demand fine but I'm not excited about the strategy because it misses the boat in a way so anyway that's how you kind of sort of go through categories of different things and get ideas and this is a very very very rough estimate of the demand of the niche that you will have of course in every niche like I mentioned earlier you want to gauge how lucrative this niche is okay for people who want nutrition see actually you don't really know what people if people actually just search for nutrition you don't really know what they need do they need information don't need a coach right so information maybe they'll buy your book or a course fine this is good most people will not buy right most with most people like stuff for free so you can monetize them with ads which isn't a great strategy because it doesn't matter as well but if you look for and coach right so let's say you're a nutrition coach then you can get clients and then once you get clients you can sell them your book and your course so let's say nutrition client nutrition coach okay but these are going to be much more lucrative people right and let's see what happens if you go for a nutrition coach then you get some I don't know what these things are coaching food renegades I don't see actual coaches in here and these companies they are not as competitive so this search is not nearly as competitive as the one for just nutrition and you'll have a far better chance of ranking with SEO and you know and this niche is more lucrative than just nutrition because nutrition is such a broad term you really actually don't know what the intent of that person is in fact the search is so broad that it tells something about the searcher that they themselves aren't in the mental state to buy for example your coaching services or something like that right there just researching very they're just starting their research they're just the first step so they're not ready to buy just yet whatever your product may have been so they it would be hard to sell to them as well so those are some of the considerations so that's kind of how you look for niches how you do a little bit of research for niches and by the way also in this course you know one of the way your research niches is to get professional advice and there's a whole lecture of how to get advice from top industry experts so that will be covered there.

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