How to Create the Best Possible Personal Brand Wordpress Website

Introduction to LIVE build videos

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy Series  portion of this course these videos are gonna be very different than the other videos you've seen so far so what I've done here is I've recorded myself building that final personal branding website in real time and that means it's a very long set of videos and I don't recommend that you watch it all the way through but what I hope you get out of these videos is to just see what the process is actually like a building a website so often with these online tutorials I see people where it looks like they just created an awesome looking website in like 40 minutes and they never made any mistakes along the way but in my experience that's not at all what the web design process is like instead it's a lot of trial and error you try out things and they may look really really bad and then you try something else and that still looks really bad and then you try some other idea and all of a sudden that works for whatever reason so this is me building my website pretty much from scratch in real time and as you'll see I make a lot of mistakes along the way now unlike the other videos inside of this course these videos aren't full-on tutorial videos in most of these videos there's no narration and it's just me walking through the process of creating my website and you'll see that I start by creating the menu and footer then I work on creating the home page the other pages on my site and finally optimizing them for mobile so watch as much or as little these live videos as you want and hopefully it'll give you confidence when you go to create your website and one really interesting thing that happened to me when I was creating this website in particular was in the beginning I couldn't get it to look good and I thought I might just have to give up on this like in my head I couldn't imagine it actually looking professional but I kept with it tried new ideas didn't give up and as you can see the results turned out pretty awesome so keep with it I know it's frustrating at times and it's hard to see the outcome but I promise as long as you keep going you're gonna be happy with the results that you eventually create.

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