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How To Use Templates & Symbols

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series what I'm gonna walk you through now is how to use templates and symbols and templates and symbols are incredible it's actually a new release from thrive themes so that goes to show you they are constantly updating the thrive architect plugin and when they came out with this I was so ecstatic the potential is just crazy so let me show you what it is but before we do that I'm just gonna build something so here we have the heading below that I'm gonna add a paragraph make it white so it's easier to see and then add a simple button and I'll change the color align it to the left and the last thing I'm going to do is I'm going to put all of these three elements inside of a content box so that is a way of creeping them all together and I want to make sure it says below paragraph so now if I click on this element I'm going to go up a level on the hierarchy and click on content box and here we have the trash where you can delete it you can clone it you can move it and then we also see this symbol right here and this means save this element as a template or a symbol and a template is something that you can reuse on your site where if you edit one of the templates the other template is not effective so let me show you what I mean by that I'm gonna save it we're gonna make sure template selected and I'm just gonna say content box template example and then click on save so now let's say I wanted to reuse this template on another part of my website or this could also be on another page on your site I'm gonna drag the templates and symbols element over here and under templates we'll see our content box template I'm going to select that and choose template and there we go we've just loaded that template and watch what happens when I edit this heading here [Music] that heading does not change the heading of the other template so these elements live on their own they're not connected in any way but another option you have is to save this as a template so now I'm going to take this content box click the Save button I'm sorry this is a symbol you can save it as a symbol so I'm gonna select symbol and then say test symbol and then save that as a symbol now we get some really interesting options so first I'm just gonna delete this and this is our symbol I'm gonna drag the templates and symbols element to this column click on symbols and then choose the test symbol now with the symbol selected you can edit as a symbol and now I'll just change the heading and then click save and close' symbol boom isn't that awesome so all your symbols are automatically linked together and that means when you change one of the symbols every other symbol that matches that symbol will change with it and this is not just on a single page if you have this symbol on different pages on your website then all those symbols change whenever you change any one of them and one of the most obvious uses for this that's gotten me really excited is menus so if you were to take a look on my website this top bar right here the navigation is a symbol so if I click on home you'll see this is a symbol and if I click on tools' you're taking to a completely different page but I dropped in the same symbol and what this means is if I ever want to update this menu all I have to do is update it on one page and it automatically updates on all pages on my website and that's just one of the infinite possibilities you have with symbols now with the symbol you could unlink it and then it basically becomes like a template where you can change the heading but now it's not going to change with all other symbols.

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