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Installing WordPress & SSL Certificate Onto Your Domain

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series next up is to install WordPress on to our domain so this is what I love about wpx hosting it's so easy so we just click websites slash SSL and now we're going to add a new website and if you did $25 a month plan you can have up to five websites on your account so the domain name here is give back your gift com type that in and create your website and if you ever get stuck here for whatever reason even if it's you just get confused and you think that everything's working but you just don't know what to do you can always click on the live chat don't be afraid to use that I always abused the live chat whenever I'm using a hosting service so that's it the website successfully created and if we were to go to that website it's just going to look like this so the websites there but we haven't yet installed WordPress on it so next up is installing WordPress and we just click this button and it's going to do its thing so you want to click on this button install WordPress on your website and then just fill out this email and this is gonna be the admin when you login to your site so it's pretty important what email do you want to use to log in to your WordPress site and also what username do you want to use I'm just gonna create a dummy one for this but you're gonna want to take this seriously [Music] [Music] I'm just gonna save this in my password manager and that way I can just create a password really easily and update that and then once you fill out that information you're gonna deploy oh it's actually not gonna take that so I'm gonna change that  that's very strange since it's optional I see it's auto-generated so if you wanted to create a password for you and I'm doing that since it doesn't like my password then you can just leave that blank and then click on deploy WordPress and now it's doing its work installing WordPress and I I just love how easy this is like I think only people that have built websites in the past will truly appreciate how much easier it is now than a couple of years ago but this used to be such a pain in the ass and so whatever it just works like this it makes me smile and now let's try going to our website and see what happens ma'am we got a wordpress website so we have successfully installed WordPress onto our domain and next up is to install the SSL so this just provides some extra security for your website and it also means if someone were to go to your website and type in HTTP colon slash class which is the secure thing it's just gonna say not secure and give you a warning and we don't want that so we're gonna click on the SSL drop-down and click on enable now this is another thing a couple years ago where I remember you had to buy an SSL certificate and install it manually and it was like 50 bucks it sucked at night click a button and it's installed once you get that green lock on there you want to click on the SSL drop-down and install free certificate and you can leave that as it is and click on install yes there we go so let's give it a try right now and this is a lot of website building it's kind of trial and error it's not like you're gonna get it perfect and everything just gonna work but still that's pretty awesome so that was really quick we have an ssl certificate installed for free and now it looks so much more professional and secure when people go to that website because when people see that green thing they like they feel a little sense of peace so let's go to our list and check that off.

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