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The Tools & Services You Need To Create A WordPress Website

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series it's time to buy everything that we need to buy in order to create your WordPress website and the first thing we need is a domain name so when you have our checklist just click on this link to go to Namecheap or you can find this link on my website from here if you don't already have a name cheap account you're gonna want to click on sign up since I do have an account I'm just gonna log in so for this part when you're buying your domain you can search any idea you have Ford's of main so in this case I'm gonna say Eric on Campbell and if you want you can put com if you're only interested in com but if you leave that part out then it's going to show you all of the options that you can use instead of calm in case calm has taken so this is my name which is why I looked it up you might want to use your name for a personal branding website or it could be anything else then once you buy your domain you go to dashboard and you can see all the domains that you own and see here I have Eric Sean Campbell which is a domain that I want to use in the future but for the sake of this tutorial I'm going to be using this domain give back your gift so that's it you've bought in your domain name on name sheet next up is to buy hosting on wpx hosting so you can click on this in the checklist or on my website and then from here you're gonna want to just click start now now this is the only hosting web site that thrive themes recommends and I absolutely love the company thrive themes and they have done all the heavy lifting trying out all these different hosting services and this one is by far the best and after using it myself I can confirm that the reason why is it's super fast so your website loads much quicker than on other hosting platforms and their support is amazing like you can get live chat support in an instant 24/7 and when you click chat now they immediately respond so it's a little bit more on the pricey side for hosting services it's twenty-five dollars a month for up to five websites but considering how important hosting is if you're serious about your website or even if you're thinking of doing it more than just a hobby I recommend paying that premium for a great hosting service so you can pay yearly I prefer to do monthly and then just host the website wherever you live closer to click that button and follow through with the check out and it's super simple and then you'll have your wpx hosting account next up you need a theme for your website like I mentioned before I really like the focus blog theme from thrive themes it's very simple and it loads quickly but you can use any WordPress theme you want and since we're gonna be using thrive architects most likely most of your pages will not look like the pages that are the default for your theme and that's because with thrive architect we're going to be creating blank pages and then building what we want on top of that blank page but the reason why you might want a theme that looks nice is if you want to host a blog on your WordPress website then the look of your blog is going to be dictated by your WordPress theme that's not something that you can change the look of just through the plug-in thrive architect so if you're in doubt and you have no idea which theme to use if you want to spend as little money as possible just stick to the default WordPress theme that comes when you install WordPress but if you plan on using your website professionally then I highly recommend buying this theme and it's a very versatile theme from thrive themes and it's not that expensive so if you click the link you can find out all the info about this theme and the price is unlimited personal use for $67 so that means you can use it on all the sites that you own and operate but you just can't use it if you're creating websites for other people and they're paying you to build that website and next up is thrive architects and like I mentioned before I love Drive architect it's the best WordPress page builder I've ever seen and it provides the best experience to build a website in 2018 so when you're ready click on this link and I guarantee you this is gonna be like the best online purchase you make so if you're like me you can kind of geek out over the tool and watch these videos and go through this whole landing page which was built with thrive architect or you can just scroll down to the bottom if you're someone that knows what they want and click the Buy button and the pricing is very reasonable I would say the single license 5 license for a hundred bucks or 15 for one 47 so it's up to you how many websites you plan on building with thrive architect but this is a one-time fee and once you buy this plug-in you never have to pay any monthly fees to use it and another option thrive themes has which they don't actually list on this web page is a monthly subscription and when you pay that subscription you get to use all of their products so if that's another option that you prefer then you can look for that on this website and I'm pretty sure if you click this button now you have to search for it but it's called the thrive themes agency membership and it also includes the focus blog theme in this membership which is 50 bucks a month paid annually so just know that that's an option for you and lastly if you want to collect emails on your website then I recommend the tool active campaign active campaign is often being called the hidden gem of the marketing automation world and that's because it's a very low price to get started with it's nine dollars a month and it's fairly easy to use it's not as simple as MailChimp but it gives you so many more features so if you want an email marketing tool that can grow with you as your business grows then active campaign is my 100

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