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Creating Your First Page & Loading A Premade Template

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series now it's time to get into thrive architect and i'm so excited to show you what the inside of this plugin looks like and to get started we're gonna create a simple page on our website and then load one of the templates built in to thrive architect and just use this opportunity as a chance to explore the plugin and what it's capable of to do this we're just going to go to our website so I've changed the domain to Eric John Campbell calm and whatever your domain is add a back slash wp-admin and if necessary log in but as you can see I'm already logged in here and we're going to hover over pages and add a new page and I'm just gonna call this the test template page because this is not a page that's gonna make it onto my site but we're just gonna play with it and then once you've added your page title click publish and all of these templates stuff right here does not matter because thrive architect is gonna override whatever template is built in so let me show you what I mean by that once you've saved or publish your page click on launch thrive architect and as you can see what we have here is the template for our theme but we want to override this template and to do that we're gonna click on the gear icon in the top left hand corner click on template setup and then choose landing page template and as you can see thrive architect comes with a bunch of different landing page template sets built into it and with any of these sets you just click on it and you have all of the pages that fit inside of that set so it's kind of like themes because if you wanted your website to look like this fit brand then you could use all of these different pages and another option you have here is if you want to just start with a blank canvas they have a blank set right here and one of them is a blank page and then the other one is where they just do some simple styling tweaks for you for this video I'm just gonna show you what it looks like when we load up one of these templates I'm going to load the flat 2.0 homepage and that's it so now this is what our page looks like and if I were to save this and preview this page when someone goes to our website and they go to that page URL which is just test template page what they're gonna find is this page we just loaded and what's so awesome about this is if you like the look of this but you just want to make it your own then you could just switch out your logo here switch out the text here start changing all the settings until you get it exactly how you want it to be and don't worry if you're looking at this option on the left and you're like holy crap that's so many options I'm not gonna remember all that because the way that I recommend learning thrive Architects is just by plane and having fun all of this stuff looks complicated if you've never used it before but it's actually very intuitive and the more you play around with these different settings the more quickly you're gonna feel comfortable with thrive Architects and once you're comfortable with it that's when the real magic happens that's when you go okay I have an idea of what I want my website to look like and now I know exactly how to make that idea come to life so what I encourage you to do is before you move on to the next video load up a template on private architects and just play around with it don't worry about breaking anything cuz there's nothing you can break I mean this page is just the test page it doesn't matter play with the different settings on the left-hand side and the sidebar and also see what you can edit and click on inside of this template and let's say you get rid of a lot of stuff and you say okay that sucks I want that stuff back keep in mind you can always reload the template so by clicking on the gear icon the template setup and then change landing page template you can start over and even with the same one you can just choose it again and as you can see everything is back how it was before.

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