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December 04, 2020

I: Introduction

A: How to create a website on google

How to create a website on google

Google is one of the most used search engines today. It is either because of its user friendly interface or its great search results that it has become a household name in the internet. In the recent years, Google has been on a roll developing new products and features which allows people to make a living out of it. One of the greatest product that Google has ever created is their web development tools. These tools give people a platform to make a living online while they are still working their day jobs. In this paper, I will be discussing how one can use Google’s website development tools to get started on making a living through their website(s).

The first step in developing a website on Google is to have an idea of what kind of website you want to have. There are lots of different types of websites which can be made using Google’s website development tools. For example, if you want a blog, a gaming site or a social networking site, you can easily do so using Google. Developing a website using Google’s web development tools is one of the easiest thing to do. There are no rules or guidelines which must be followed when making a website using Google’s web development tools. The only requirement for making a website through Google is that you must have an existing Gmail account. This means that you can literally create your own website today by following the steps mentioned below:

Firstly, go to where you will be greeted with the following screen:

Click on ‘Get Started’, then it will redirect you to where you will be greeted with the following screen:

1) Create Your First Site

Here, you can either input your existing website before you make one or directly make one if you don’t have any yet. To make one, click on ‘New Site’ and fill out your details like name, address, contact number, etc. After filling all the details, click the green button ‘Create’. You will be redirected to your site where you will see the following screen:

As shown above, your site will be made based on your preferences. Here, you can change your preferences like logo, colour scheme, title, description, etc. You can also add other pages if needed. The benefit of creating your site here is that it is easy and fast as Google does it for you. Just click ‘Continue’ and wait for your site to be live!

2) Create Web Pages To Make A Website

After creating your website, you are probably thinking about adding content into it to make it look more appealing to visitors. For this purpose, Google gives us another tool called Google Sites where we can create webpages using their existing templates. Let us first explore the tool first before actually making our pages. Go to where you will be greeted with the following screen:

Click ‘Start Now’ and fill out your details like name, email address and give an optional description. Once done, click green button ‘Get Started Now’ and you will be redirected to where you will see the following screen:

Let us now explore our new site first before adding pages into it! To explore it, click the ‘Explore Your Site’ green button to be directed to your site at and see the following screen:

It is worth noting that everything here is free and unlimited! You can literally create as many webpages as you want! The tool is user friendly too as it keeps reminding us of what we need to do next via popups and notifications. It is literally as easy as 1-2-3! To add content into your webpages, go back to and click ‘Add Content’ as shown below:

From there, you will see pages which you can use as templates for your pages! Click any of them and they will direct you to another page like this:

It is easy right? All we need to do now is fill up the details and click ‘Save’ and we are done! Below is an example of what we can achieve with the templates we have:

3) Make Money From Google Web Development Tools (Optional)

If you follow these steps correctly, you should now have a functioning website which you can use as your personal or professional portfolio. However, if you plan on making money from these websites using Google Adsense, there are some more things that we need to do first before we proceed further into monetizing our websites through Google Adsense:

Firstly, let us create a Gmail account if we don’t have any yet! To do so, just go to where I’m sure you have already seen this screen before:

Click on ‘Sign Up’ and fill out your details as shown above and click green button ‘Sign Up for Gmail’ and wait for confirmation from Google! Once confirmed, log in using your Gmail account and proceed with the next step! If you have been through all those steps correctly, you should now see a screen like this:

Now that we have a Gmail account ready to go, let us proceed further into monetizing our websites! Remember that we had created a website earlier? To monetize your site through Google Adsense, navigate back to where you will see something like this:

Click on ‘Monetize Your Site’ button as shown above and follow the simple steps to proceed further! When asked about what type of content you want on your page(s), click ‘Do not use this feature’ as shown below:

And voila! You are done! You will now start earning money every time someone visit your web page(s)! That was easy wasn’t it? Of course, there are still more things that need to be taken care of when running an online business but at least now you know how to start it! To make money from Google websites using Adsense, remember these simple steps!

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