Add Google Script Web App

Add Google Script Web App

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December 04, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Web Development is an important skill for everybody.

II: Body

A: I will show you how to create a website on google.

III: Conclusion

Thesis statement for this article would be "Web Development is an important skill for everybody."

I have created this article outline on Google Docs, which you can find here.

Formatting of Essays [ edit ]

There are many different ways to format articles. The most traditional way is to use the MLA System. However, it can get complicated when citing sources. Also, some teachers do not like the style of MLA because it is more formal than other styles. APA style is another common format, but it can also get complicated when citing sources. As stated in the introduction, cheat your article takes the best parts of APA and MLA to make it easier for students to do their own research and cite sources of information. For example, taking the notes templates found in the APA Style Guide and using it for MLA Formatting. If you are writing a paper in MLA formatting, you might want to use the MLA Template found here.

What is plagiarism? [ edit ]

Plagiarism is the act of stealing someone else's work and pretending it is your own work. Some common examples of plagiarism are when you copy the exact words of someone's work or paraphrasing another person's work without giving credit to them. A common solution to stop plagiarism is to do citations in your article, so that it is clear that you used someone else's work in your article. It is important to remember that if you use someone else's work, you must cite them in your article or they will accuse you of plagiarism. You can see how to cite sources in Wikipedia's article on citing sources. If you are unsure, ask your teacher about how to properly cite your sources in your article.

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