Working as a software engineer

Working as a software engineer and cashing in on stock options

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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – After college I started working as a software engineer and he still kind of was not that happy because I was working on other people's ideas but the cool thing was that at least you know I had stock options and I was part of the game and it was my dream all along and I was making a nice salary so all these other things were really great but it was kind of bugging me that what about my ideas right and I had two jobs one job I was working at a company that's now dead and it was my first job that my title was software engineer and I was making some software I was working on some software as a part of a team and those that software made some ads run better and more efficiently and as a bit and as a software engineer that's kind of the most I really understood about it and honestly I thought that wasn't a good thing because I don't want to trick people with better ads and I don't want to be a part of this consumerist culture and yeah it was like not speaking to me at all but I was excited to be learning how to be a software engineer then I went to this other job and I don't want to name names of course this and this company was a better company it was a growing company but I was still doing something that I didn't believe in I was working on the e-commerce component for selling little computer games and it was like now you play games on your phone but but at that time it was games on the PC little PC games and I was kind of one of those people like I was thinking I want to make the world a better place and I want to make people smarter and smarter and I was gonna make people working on this company that was kind of making people stupider with these little games and I was thinking oh my god like this is frustrating like these company does the opposite of what I want to do but they treated me well they paid me well and it's a respectable job and I learned a lot and they were growing so eventually they get sold and I got stock options the stock options that those tank options that people say oh you're gonna get stock options when the company gets older goes IPO whatever those actually worked out for me so in the end I cashed out more on that in a second but I only had the time to work on my ideas in if I woke up really early in the morning or if like on the weekends or in the week on the evenings so always when I was tired or always it interfered with my other things that I wanted to do so the best time of my day the during the day I was just actually working on somebody else's stuff which that's also what was frustrating so when the company was sold I had my stock options realized and financially it was nice but it wasn't that dream that you get sold right you have this dream of like you go to Silicon Valley you work for a start-up the startup gets sold and you make millions and millions no it was thousands and it wasn't thousand it wasn't like tens of thousands it was like ten thousand or fifteen I didn't remember but it was nice but I could have made that money in a couple of months working it wasn't life-changing but you know who it was life-changing for for the CEO for the CMO for those guys yeah for sure so it's sort of reinforced in me hair maybe I should double down on working on my own things because I'm gonna work on things I want to work on and the real financial reward is there and nobody wants to be working at least people in my generation like nobody wants to be working until they're 60 so I gotta go for that bigger financial reward anyway so that's just reinforced in my mind but hey I gotta do my own thing and I can't be an employee like I've got to do something bigger and better so I did something smaller and worse for a while and you know I worked on my own ideas and companies and they didn't succeed right away of course and so in the next video I'll sort of tell you about that struggle period and the evolution of how I did worse and how I sort of recovered.

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