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Mentors and advisors and masterminds

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February 28, 2020

Video Transcription – Polls that you need to surround yourself with first are coaches coaches can be a little overpriced and at times of varying quality but if you get get an amazing coach and my advice is to look for coaches who have been successful specifically in your industry and don't just share theoretical knowledge but actually can display success that they've prior they had in the past in there's something something that you're actually trying to accomplish those are those can be very valuable because they can point you in the right direction because they know the ins and out of it the exact industry in which you're trying to succeed and it's very easy to find the right coaches all you have to do is just search Facebook groups search Google for specific kind of coaches that you want you'll find a bunch of them and the only issue is to find one that's reasonably priced has good chemistry working with you and has actually been successful in what you're trying to do that's really important because a lot of people are very theoretical and pretend to be experts but they are not so they have to I just want to make really sure that you understand they have to be successful in the thing that you're trying to accomplish if you cannot afford a coach the next best thing is kind of group coaching which is called mastermind groups you can either join existing mastermind groups or if you can't find one you like don't be shy of starting your own the benefit of starting your own is that it's free whereas if you join a mastermind group you may have to pay a little bit so your own might be free and you can invite to it whoever you want you can even invite two people who are a little bit more advanced than you are and learn from people who are more advanced also great people to have around you are mentors and advisors a lot of experienced business people love to help younger business people it's kind of in this industry a way to give back the main problem is that very high quality potential mentors and advisors people who are successful are completely bombarded with requests for help and questions and they just don't have the time and they have to be very selective to whom they help so how do they select you you have to stand up don't ask for help on day one don't be like me me me help me give me first you have to deliver value you have to help and they don't have to they should not have to ask for it because they'll never ask for it you should be proactively doing something maybe retweeting we sharing things they post maybe reading their Conte their blog posts or watching their videos and intelligently commenting on them so that they can they can feel that their work to create that content has made an impact and actually somebody read it and thought about it and it's made some sort of an impact and get on their radar that way and whenever you have questions or any kinds of requests then it's not a cold ask they'll already know you they'll already like you and they're gonna be more likely to help you of course if you have family members who are successful in business definitely approach them they should be first to help you with of course the caveat that it's a little tricky to get into business with family sometimes you just don't want to because you don't wanna you know family relationships to go sour but if you're not totally worried about that definitely my friends and family are ideal places to start looking and if you don't know anyone there are a ton of people in your industry who have been successful who would love to help quality other intrapreneurs do better so coaches mastermind groups and mentors definitely surround yourself with at least some of some use some of these resources to give you that extra boost and extra consistent great advice for whatever you're working on in your business.

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